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  1. I am making a game in Director, but what I need help with really applies to any language, so I figure I'll post here and see if anyone could help me ---- I'm trying to make a game like Rampart on the SNES, but I can't figure out a good way to detect walled in areas. In case you never played that game, I have some screenshots of what I'm trying to do... In the game you have to build walls around your castle. When youve sealed it off, the inside floor tiles change colors to show that your castle is walled in. The dark green blocks in this image represent walls. The light green block is where I placed my last block. Everytime I place a block, it should check to see if I have walled in an area. They're kind of like Tetris blocks. Not all of them are a single block, so that's one of the hard parts. Once a wall is placed, I have to check for the "castle" being sealed This screenshot shows what I'd like to accomplish after finding a sealed area. I have changed the interior tiles to a dark color to represent that the walls have been sealed. I don't need imaging lingo code to do this, I just need to figure out the best way to detect which tiles are sealed in and which arent. I'll probably use a text field to represent the game map. O's will be grass (outside) and X's will be walls. So this map would look like this: OOOOOOOO OXXXXOOO OX OOXOOO ...and so on I'm not even sure where to begin on something like this. I figure if a SNES can do it quickly then it can't be too difficult, I just can't figure out where to begin.