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    Suggestion Vbscript

    yes you are right it's a asp web-based. my problem is create a zip file, i search how to do a zip file with asp, but i find many components that some can be paied and others not, an in the server i can't install this components. if anyone know some object that can be used it's great for me.
  2. hi guys. I'm programing with vbscript and I create a folder that contains a document with the description of the product and when the user click in other product i do again the folder with the document and some times with images at the same time, and in the end of the page i want to have a link to download the folder, but how can i do this if the user can´t download a folder. I accept all sugestions
  3. Anyone know something that can provide easier access to the data of data base. i want to do something like that when i move to the next row of data that is editing i want to show all data in the correct textbox. however i don't want to do txBox1.text= ..... for all textbox, i want a component that get the data directly from the data base. Anyone know one or some good sugestion to do that? I'm using vb.net
  4. My code: <HTML><HEAD> <style type="text/css"> <!-- .invisible {-moz-opacity: [0]; filter: alpha(opacity=[0]);} .invisible2 {-moz-opacity: [0]%; filter: alpha(opacity=[0]);} --> </style> <script> var fi function enviar(){ window.document.formup.action="insert.asp" window.document.formup.submit(); } function search(){ fi.click(); } function Init(){ fi=document.getElementById("file"); } </script> <TITLE>Teste</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY leftMargin=[0] topMargin=[0] marginwidth="[0]" marginheight="[0]" onload="Init();"> <div class="invisible" id="browseLayer" style="position:absolute; width:100px; height:10px; z-index:[15]; left: 0px; top: 0px; visibility:hidden;"> <form name="formup" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data" target="_blank"> <input id="file" type="file" name="fichier" size="[1]"> </form> </div> <br><br> <input type="button" name="bt1" size="[1]" value="Send" onclick="enviar();"> <input type="button" name="bt2" size="[1]" value="Select File" onclick="search();"> </body> </HTML> This code give me a error can someone correct them or help me. This error happens when i try to submit the form if you help i will be gratefuly with you. [Edited by - H0bbes on December 17, 2004 9:03:24 AM]
  5. my code vbscript response.write("teste=" & server.URLEncode("Licção numero 10.")) in my code in flash i read this text in format URLEncode but when i write them to a dynamic text they don't show the right chatacters. what i need to do?
  6. I want to manipulate a image, i have a image *.jpg with 500x350 of dimenssions. I like to do with functions or routines that can make a new image with 100x100 and save into disk. I don´t want to use some programs(that i need to pay) that can be find at a search in google. If someone knows tutorials or something that can help me i will me greatfull with you. Tank you to read my post.
  7. H0bbes


    Tank you for the help work perfectly
  8. i'm using javascript in html file Well i have a form that user can insert many data and he can select a color to do this easier to use i do another page that show some colors that user can select. my problem is that i want that the color selected by the user is send the color selected in formart FFFFFF(hex) to the parent page, i don´t want to lose the information that user had insert before selected the color. Some help and sugestions. Tank you for the time
  9. I like to know if i can get IP address from Machine that is connected with Proxy?
  10. well. i want to do streaming, to do this i use a embed Windows media player and in srcFile i have the name of the file *.asx in my file i have this code: <asx version = "3.0"> <entry> <ref href = "mms://address" /> </entry> </asx> to do this i need to have a mms Server? How has mms server done? [Edited by - H0bbes on November 9, 2004 5:58:22 AM]
  11. H0bbes

    [web] Help Web Page

    Tank you Rob Loach for the help
  12. I like to do a presentation like this..... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0338348/trailers-screenplay-E18733-9-2 and if you go on your cache you don't find the movie. How do i do this?
  13. H0bbes

    Streaming Video

    If i want to do streaming and the user see the movie and the movie don't stay in the cache is only with a server? or exists another solution to do that?
  14. In my work i need to do streaming, and the boss don't want that the user can go to the cache and get the video. How do you do streaming video? do you know Some tutorial's that can help? Tank for you time.
  15. i download some examples and tutorials, and i can't understand what i need to do for flash runing when movie is loaded. I use the class MovieClipLoader, but when i do the event onProgress and when i simulate the download this doesn't work. CODE: loadListener.onLoadProgress = function (target_mc, loadedBytes, totalBytes) { texto.text=loadedBytes ; updateAfterEvent(); } var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader= new MovieClipLoader(); this.createEmptyMovieClip("movie",0); mcLoader.loadClip("http://www.forwall.hpg.ig.com.br/natureza/cachoeiras/0004/cachoeira0004-1280x1024.jpg",movie); mcLoader.addListener(loadListener); /CODE Who is Wrong?
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