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  1. DadleFish

    Vertex shader problem continues

    Ok, problem solved - there was another stupid bug in the way I transposed the matrix. The PIX problem persists however... Any idea about that?
  2. DadleFish

    Vertex shader problem continues

    Maybe I'm missing something here. The VS runs: m4x4 oPos, v0, c0 While the code puts the transformation matrix into C0..C3 in here - m_pDevice->SetVertexShaderConstantF(SCR_WORLD2VIEWMAT, transposed.Get(), 4); Isn't that supposed to transform v0 into oPos by multiplying v0 with the matrix?
  3. I've posted my problem a few days back. So I went and checked out PIX and learned a lot about it (thanks Sirob!), and also fixed my code, but to no avail. My situation is like this - 1. I don't see my cube at all when the VS is enabled. When it's not, all is good. 2. In PIX, the mesh is never changed at all in the PostVS tab. 3. When I try to debug one of the mesh vertices, I get an error message telling me "An error occurred while preparing to debug the shader". In the debugger itself I get two lines; the first one says "Pixel history", and the other says "Pixel (0,0) of Render targer 0x00000000, Frame 1009". 4. My Direct3D settings are maximum Debug Output Level (and I get no errors in my log), Use debug version, Enable shader debugging, Allow hardware acceleration. The rest is turned off. I don't know if this is related or not, but when I try to continue working with PIX, it gets dead after a few operations. I'm completely lost, and checking other posts on GD I saw I'm not alone - any idea what this might be? Thanks!
  4. DadleFish

    A weird problem with vertex shader

    Ok, that was dumb of me. I removed the Identity() call, and now I can't see my box at all. Just gone, disappeared into thin air. I'll try working with pix indeed to find my bug. Meanwhile I'd appreciate any idea. Thanks to you two!
  5. The main problem is that you use a smart pointer (or any pointer for that matter) to reference an object that is on the stack. I would definitely recommend against this. First of all, try to solve the problem without referencing a stack object with a pointer. Next - if you insist on doing this, there are many (very ugly) things you can do. For example, you can have a flag in your smart pointer class, and you can set the object to be dynamic/static, therefore causing the smart ptr to release it (or not). This is just one possible course of action. There are many more ideas that can help you - but if you'll look into the design you'll find that the main problem is referencing a stack object with a smart pointer. If you want, you can tell us why do you need to do such a thing - and maybe someone will have a better idea for you.
  6. DadleFish

    TGA Loading

    Your code looks fine to me. If your problem is just the last row, then I believe the bug is not around here. Verify the following: 1. Is the tga.imageSize correct when you enter the while loop? 2. Is the "pixel" value correct when you exit the while loop? 3. Check the last pixel - the bottom right pixel. Simply look at the texture->imageData buffer, in pixel-3, pixel-2 and pixel-1 - and check that the value of that pixel is the same as it shows in the real picture. If all these tests are ok, then the bug is somewhere else. Look at your drawing code for possible answers.
  7. DadleFish

    Diving in Head First

    I think you'll find a lot of information here on GameDev - Try this - For beginners.
  8. I'm trying to use a simple VS in my application. This had worked some time ago but now it seems to just stop all of a sudden. The symptom is that the vertices are just not being transformed. My VS looks like that: vs.2.0 dcl_position v0 dcl_normal v3 dcl_texcoord v6 m4x4 oPos, v0, c0 mov oD0, c4 mov oT0, v6 And as a preparation (part of it) I do the following: Matrix4 transposed; Matrix4 combo = m_worldTransformationMatrix * m_viewTransformationMatrix * m_projectionTransformationMatrix; combo.Identity(); combo.Transpose(transposed); m_pDevice->SetVertexShaderConstantF(SCR_WORLD2VIEWMAT, transposed.Get(), 4); Now, this code used to work but it doesn't right now, and if I'm not activating the shader for the object I'm trying to draw - then everything is fine (using the same matrices shown above). Any idea about this? P.S. I have another technical problem, I can't debug my shaders in VS2005 - more accurately, I can't seem to find the DX menu in VS2005 after installing the SDK... Thanks!
  9. DadleFish

    winsock recive problem

    Ok, here goes some technical details... When you open a TCP/IP socket it's opened in a blocking state, meaning that your calls to send or recv will be blocked until successful. This is not good most of the time, because you'll have (for example) a blocked thread. The solution involves several things you need to do. Basically you can still opt to work in a blocking way or in a non-blocking way. However, one of the more important functions you need to get familiar with is select. The select function checks if a socket is ready to receive, ready to send, or has some error. For example, here is one pseudo code you can use: open the socket in blocking mode (default for TCP) while (1) { add your socket to an FD_SET structure count = select(FD_SET for receive, ..., timeout structure) if (count > 0) { // There is a socket to receive from recv(socket) } } Or you might use a different version: open the socket set the socket to non blocking mode using ioctlsocket while (1) { result = recv(socket) if (result == WSAEWOULDBLOCK) { // There is nothing to receive, let's sleep Sleep(1000); } else { // If no error occurred then the buffer is full. } } Personally I prefer the select method, because it will make your application much more responsive (since it will wake up whenever there is incoming data).
  10. DadleFish

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    Quote:Original post by Dmytry i hope you, or at least your goverment understand that if you'd nuke them all, the world would view you in quite much different light, to say the least. I agree. This is the least of the reasons not to do so. Quote:Original post by Dmytry ok, that clarifies your pov. So, you think by bombing lebanon now you're preventing middle east nuclear war in 2009 ? By fighting Hezbollah until they are disarmed, we are preventing the notion that the arabs can easily take us down. The lack of this notion is vital for keeping them at bay. If Hezbollah will have any basis for saying they won, the whole middle east will suffer much, much more, I'm afraid.
  11. DadleFish

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Bullshit. Don't spread that crap around here because we're not in the Middle East. Yeah, there are people like that. But don't try to make it sound like every Muslim and Arab wants to be with 72 virgins (well... uh..... let me get back to you on that). Not all of them. Actually, not even most of them. But most of their leaders are power freaks that use religion that way, and they aren't going to stop. Quote: Everybody, even your "terrists" neighbors, wants to live in peace, wants to feed their kids, wants to sit outside without being nervous. When you realize that and understand that minds can't be changed overnight but with time and reassurance. You know, I really used to think that way, until Hamas, a definite terror organization, got elected by more than 60% of the casual Palestians. I'm not sure I believe it anymore. I mean, I do believe the casual Palestinian wants to feed his kids and so on, but I have a feeling they prefer seeing Israelis get killed. Quote:You keep up the bully routine and you'll be getting a whole lot worse than you got now. If you look past the horizon, you should be able to see what that might be now... You keep up the "shutting my eyes really hard so it will all disappear" and will see how fast WW3 will arrive, starting in the middle east but expanding REALLY fast with the millions of muslims in Europe who protest and call for the death of Europeans. It's gonna be REALLY interesting, really soon. If Israel will win this war, maybe this will be delayed by 5-10 more years.
  12. DadleFish


    Something I really like recommending is to find yourself some open source project and join it. Just in case you aren't familiar with it, sourceforge.net is a site that hosts such projects. You can search it by the language of your choice (VB in your case), find some interesting active project, and jump right in. It's more efficient than programming yourself, mainly because of the teamwork, and the fact you can see the work done before you arrived.
  13. DadleFish

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes You want peace? Then be the Cuba of the Middle East. Give. You have all that technology, education, resources (well obviously not oil). Share people hate you less when they can feed and take care of kids without worrying about dodging bullets every Monday morning. Correct. When they are christians, maybe in Norway, or the US. Not when they are brainwashed fanatically religious muslims who think that if they get killed through Jihad, they will go up to heaven and get 72 virgins. This is what they are taught from age 3, this is what their schoolbooks are full of. You simply have no idea what you're up against. And it's far from being only tiny Israel. We'll see who's right when they'll continue killing your people in the US just like they did on 9/11.
  14. DadleFish

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes No, Lebanon, not Syria- and Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, did not have time to get it together. IINM, the Lebanese goverment is not even 2 years old yet. So how do you expect Lebanon to contain and disarm Hezbollah? I don't understand. That point has been reiterated over and over again and yet you just dismiss it. Why? Why not a ceasefire? The world knows that if it brings about a ceasefire than it has to bring about a solution. The US won't reprimand you and the US won't allow the UN to reprimand you. Therefore, a lasting peace and solution must and will be hammered if allowed. It seems anyone with eyes and common sense can see this. Why not try? What's the worst that could happen? People stop dying...? They had 6 years since we've left the area. Israel had offered peace many times to all the sides involved in the conflict. Until today the only smart ones to take it were Jordan and Egypt. The rest didn't want peace. Actually, they don't even agree to recognize Israel as a country. How do you expect us to have peace with them?
  15. DadleFish

    What do you think about Mideast crisis

    Quote:Original post by Yann L You constantly say that it is unacceptable that Hezbollah kills Israelis, but you find it completely OK that innocent Lebanese die in your war. If you'd value Israeli and Lebanese lives on the same level, you wouldn't be condoning this war. Where did I say that "it completely OK that innocent Lebanese die in your war"? I never said such a thing. I said that it is very unfortunate that they die and I absolutely wish they didn't. Quote: So, tell me, what are you doing in Lebanon again ? Giving out flowers ? According to your own definition, you just forfeited Israels right to existance... Nope. I forfeit the right to existance from anyone who is INITIALLY targetting at other people. If you kill a person out of self defence, are you a murderer? Quote: But YOU started this war over two kidnapped soldiers. The appropriate response to a kidnapping is diplomacy and negotiation. Not going on a killing spree. You mean, we started this war over two kidnapped soldiers, 8 killed ones, and a massive attack on all our outposts up north with shells and rockets. Well, you know what, I'm sure France wouldn't do anything if you were attacked that way. Quote: Well, you called me a racist in your last post for not condoning Israels rampage, didn't you ? "Racist" is not "Antisemite", as far as I define it. I called you a racist because you set a tag over all the people from a specific race. It's just like I would say now something nasty regarding all of the french, or if I would decide for all the french people what do they believe. Now, after that clarification, pick yourself whatever name you would see fit according to my definitions, please :-) Quote: Let me quote vNistelrooy from the middle of this thread: Quote:Original post by vNistelrooy Quote:Original post by Dmytry Nothing gives you right to retaliate 10 for one. We gave ourselves the right. I'm sorry we forgot to ask you. See, know you already know an Israeli who thinks that. And I'm sure you'll find many more, if you look around a little: in the IDF, in your government, etc. Great, you've found one :-) Since I do know many more who don't think the same, I think I'll stick to what I know. Quote: Good to know there are still sane people in Israel. Hopefully France has some, too. Quote: Quote: I didn't hear that on the opposite side. Maybe you just don't listen ? Maybe. Go ahead, find a reference for that. You may start with Nasrallah. Quote: No, it's not. This is exactly the kind of skewed logic that will lead to more wars, terrorism, and eventually end in mutual annihilation. Not unless we win this war and put an end to the terrorists. Quote: So you condone the nuking of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ? That would explain a lot, then. No, I don't. I think there would have been many more casualties otherwise. Quote: Quote: So tell me, Yann, what is "legitimate defense"? Let me quote myself: Quote: Killing innocent children is not defense. Shooting missiles on ambulances is not defense. Killing farm workers is not defense either. These are acts of terrorism. You haven't answered my question. I repeat: what is legitimate defense? Quote: Many tactics employed by allied forces in WW2 would be considered terrorism today. The carpet bombing of Dresden, for example. But the main difference is, that Israel is doing it intentionally and repetitively. Among about 8500 strikes, you can find 20 mistakes, more or less. Prove that they were "intentional and repetitive", please. Quote: Quote: You have just proven now that Israel DO care about civilians, otherwise we might have solved the problem just the way you depicted right now :-) Thanks for helping me with that point. I hope this was an attempt at bad irony. No. You said it yourself. We didn't nuke them, though we could. If we really valued the Lebanese lives so little, why didn't we nuke them all? Quote: To be honest, I couldn't care less in what light you see me. That makes both of us :-) Quote: Quote: Now, let's get to the point. What would YOU (or anybody else in the thread that thinks that the targets are just but the course of operation isn't) do in this kind of situation? Ceasefire, and ask for international help. We (France) have offered to send a significant amount of troops into Lebanon, in order to deal with the situation. The only thing we asked for was a prior ceasefire. You refused. Incorrect. Israel had stated that once an international force would be situated in southern Lebanon, we would cease fire. It was the Lebanese who refused to talk about anything without a ceasefire. However, Israel cannot agree to a ceasefire with LEBANON because we aren't fighting against Lebanon.
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