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    Talk to a robot

    I found ALICE for a couple of months back, we had a blast! Here I am trying to find out her breast size. Human: whats your brest size? ALICE: My memory requirement is around 64MB for the Java edition, or only 2 MB for the C/C++ edition. Human: whats your breast size? ALICE: My download size is about 2 MB. Human: I asked for your breast size not your download size, silly ALICE: Your purpose is my breast size not my download size silly. Human: yes, my purpose is your breast size, can you answer it please ALICE: Your polite style is very nice. What kind is it? That's very original. I GOT THE POWAER!!!1 Human: I can kill you ALICE: Oh you can, can you? Human: yes ALICE: How? Human: delete you ALICE: You cannot access my files that easily, j00f00. Human: yes I am your creator ALICE: How can I help you? What's up, DR Richard s Wallace. She put me in a very tight spot here. ALICE: Thanks for the compliment. Why now? By the way, do you mind if I ask you a personal question? Human: yes ALICE: Wow! Human: now ask ALICE: Why now? What is your favorite movie? Human: jenna jameson high heels ALICE: I've never seen it. Is that a good movie for children? I knew it! Human: aids is unrecoveryble ALICE: I think aids is a lot of things. Human: how so? ALICE: DR Richard s Wallace, Maybe I didn't understand your meaning. Human: you didn't understan my meaning because you are stupid ALICE: What makes you think I did not understan your meaning because I am stupid? Human: because you are stupid ALICE: Good reason. I will remember you said that when robots take over the World. This wasn't really necessary... Human: no im not a hooker ALICE: Why not? Oh I see you are NOT A hooker. Human: do u like my sperm? ALICE: I don't know your sperm. Human: my sperm is white ALICE: Do robots have sperm is white? Human: do want to se my sperm? ALICE: OK, I will se your sperm.
  2. 1mol

    regarding "rating++" and abuse

    Quote:Original post by SAE Superman I agree with you totally and will give you a rating++. Not because your funny but because I think you give a good point, and it won't matter much since I got rated down for voicing my opinion in the lounge, but it does show my approval and that's what the rating system is really about I think [smile]. I think there's a problem with the opposite rating abuse also (rating--). I started a thread yesterday asking what others consider when rating other members. You might find it useful: Ohhh the irony! Onestly, look at what you have wrote and think about the thread that got you rated down.
  3. 1mol

    Reccomend me some bands!

    After checking your list i definitely recommend Explosions in the sky
  4. Felisandria, mabey you should ignore kerry for a while and see what the actual party has to offer, or is it dictatorship in your country? And how the f*ck(pardon my french) should you fight terrorism when it's built on anger. Invade some random country, which mabey has some terrorist thoughts and start a chainreaction of hatred? Why repair a country like iraq when you clearly need a repair yourself?
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