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  1. Specchum

    Breakout Brick Collision Detection

    Quote:Original post by Dunge What might be more complex is setting the correct ball collision response. Inverting the velocity in the correct axe is an easy way to do it. Aha! But finding which axes to flip the vector based on *where* the ball hit the brick is the fun part! A simple point in rectangle will only tell you that the ball has hit the brick...which is a start I suppose. ;)
  2. Specchum

    Rendering a certain section

    You may want to check the DirectX Docs for "scissor test", specifically the SetScissorRect function that allows you to "cut away" a region of the viewing area.
  3. I was wondering what kind of method do people prefer to read in their game assets from a file? One way would be to have a fixed format where the knowledege of the data present in the file is known before hand. That, however, loses a lot of flexibility esp. if you wish to extend the format later on. I was interested to read the Streaming process described in Eberly's 3d Game Engine Architecture and that appears to be particularly suited to read in a scenegraph. However, since I'm not using a scenegraph at the moment that's a bit of an overkill for me ATM. Alternately, a chunk based loading process is a neat way IMO but not sure if it lends itself well to streaming (does it?). Would be interested in knowing people's thoughts on this.
  4. Quote:Original post by BS-VecVidjeno I now WinAPI and SDL and i dont now which one to use when programing OpenGL? In a pure WinAPI vs SDL for windows setup comparison (ie which is easier to use to get a rendering context going), SDL is preferable as it takes 2 calls (IIRC) to set up a openGL rendering context. With that you get additional benefits as multi-platform environment, input, sound and threading support. You can also use DirectX if you wish. In other words, if you just want to write openGL code with minimum fuss, get going with SDL.
  5. Specchum

    Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one... ... who stopped making sense of this thread 3 pages ago?
  6. It's the classic West vs East argument all over again I guess. As someone pointed out there is indeed a misconception that working for lower wages (relatively speaking - factor in the cost of living as well) automatically means you aren't good enough and barely above the level of a miner in a coalpit. To paint every programming professional in India with the same tar brush is not fair considering there are many talented people out there as well. It also appears that we are automatically the villains in the Outsourcing drama and I find that quite amusing since the clients themselves are partly responsible for some of the mess.
  7. Specchum

    A problem about world transform

    Quote:Original post by wswqwps I think the code D3DXMatrixMultiply(pMatWorld, &MatRot, pMatWorld); shoule be D3DXMatrixMultiply(pMatWorld, pMatWorld , &MatRot); because I think the Matrix pMatWorld = pMatWorld X MatRot and the function should work like this. Am I wrong?Thanks! If you did your way, you would be applying translations (b'cos pMatWorld holds that when you call the function) before rotations. You typically apply rotations before translations ( I say "typically" although that depends on the behaviour you want), which is why the call is set up that way. Then, pMatWorld = matRot x matWorld; //apply rotation and translation to matWorld HTH
  8. Specchum

    New GUI API project in the works

    Cheers to that haiduk! I, however, get linker errors with d3dgui_d.lib. It apparently can't find references to d3dutil or dxutil. Not surprising given that I don't have any such files in my DX April 2005 SDK installation. Is this something I need to download seperately from or is there a workaround this problem? As for a decent name for a GUI, I wish I could help but unfortunately I have enough trouble coming up with decent names for my own projects. ;) However, with the dark theme of your demo in mind, how about Carbon? Not very original admittedly. :) Nothing wrong with Haiduk GUI either, mind you! Probably better in fact.
  9. Specchum

    New GUI API project in the works

    Looks very cool indeed. I must say I'm very happy to see someone put time and effort into making a documentation for a GUI editor. I've seen quite a few good GUI editors with some very ordinary documentation that completely put me off them. Hope you remain motivated and dedicated enough to see this through. Oh, and you need to give this project a proper name. D3D GUI gives the wrong impression (like perhaps MS is offering it!) as well as being a bit boring. ;) Keep up the good work! EDIT: I find it a bit annoying when I have to register on some site in order to download something. I've now registered on dozens of site because they asked me to and I hardly visit them! If it was some forum or community centric thing I can understand the registration process but why is it required to download something? Ok, rant over!
  10. Quote:Original post by ahmadka how can I invert the direction of the normals being calculated for the curved surface... It might have helped if you'd posted your code calculating the normals. However, if there is any cross product involved, try changing the order of operands. That is instead of A x B, do B x A. HTH.
  11. Quote:Original post by akuda When a triangle consist points attached to different bones, my idea doesn't work - correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to be impossible to render a triangle, pushing two of it's point with one transformation matrix (MODELVIEW here), and the third using the modified matrix. Furthermore, even if it would be possible, still, how to apply these "weights"? Think of it this way: Your static geometry is just a collection of vertices (your vertex buffer). Each vertex is linked to one or more bones with associated weights. Each frame, you calculate the transform for each bone from the animation data (lets call it boneMatrix). For each vertex, you simply multiply the vertex position with the bone transform and then multiply with the associated weight (boneMatrix.Transform(vertex.position) * weight). Since there can be more than one bone attaced to a vertex, you repeat the process for each bone linked to the vertex (a cumulative process). Each vertex will now be transformed differently according to how much a bone influenced it. The updated vertex buffer can now be pushed to the rendering pipeline. HTH.
  12. Specchum

    Skeleton animation query..

    Quote:Original post by Subotron You can easily create a gimbal lock even with quaternions OOC, how and when does this situation arise?
  13. Forgive my ignorance but what is a "maya style camera"? Never used Maya you see. :)
  14. So there really is no choice then but to go with directShow? Well thanks for the input honay. much appreciated!
  15. To set the background: I've gone thru the Nehe tutorial for playing back AVI with openGL. Nice, but it doesn't play the sound. What I was looking for is a way to play back a short intro movie (AVI or MPEG or wotever) with my SDL+OpenGL based engine. A cutscene movie during the game if you like. I haven't found too many resources on this so I'm wondering how people are currently doing? I had a look at directShow, but am not sure how well it will integrate with my openGL controlled window. Basically, any inputs or tips on this would be appreciated!
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