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  1. stevenmarky

    T4 Code Generation in Unity

    This is interesting, I actually wrote an editor script a while ago which generates a C# file containing an enum list from a certain type of file resource, so if those resource files are ever removed we'd get compilation errors instead of waiting for a runtime error. What advantage would using T4 code generation have over manually writing a C# file?
  2. stevenmarky

    Job Interviews

    Good luck Mike.
  3. stevenmarky

    Welcome To The New Gamedev.Net!

    My main criticism is that stylistic elements (e.g. on the main page) take up a lot of space. In particular the headers of each content block is 74 pixels - which takes up a lot of space. I also feel there's something strange about having a border around the main content area which is white, which is then surrounded by more whiteness. On the main page I'd prefer the recent posts were closer to the top of the page. I'm not sure if you've analysed where most of the clicks lead to on your main page but I imagine a lot come from the recent posts. Anyway, good job. I'll also submit these points to feedback
  4. stevenmarky

    System Design -- Finite State Machines

    Good post, state machines are so important. If state can be avoided it's even better :) For example instead of the vending machine keeping track of the amount of bottles contained and updating this as it is refilled or emptied, it could just check if there was a bottle there when someone presses the button to buy it. One less thing to go wrong.
  5. stevenmarky

    DirectX & Qt

    I'm actually confused about how you got DirectX to work with Qt - since Qt uses GCC by default the DirectX libs will not work for me as they were not compiled using GCC.
  6. stevenmarky

    DirectX & Qt

    Off topic: I tried to visit your link you have in your profile. Avast blocked the page reporting it was infected by iframe-inf.
  7. stevenmarky

    DirectX & Qt

    Good info there, thanks.
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