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  1. I dont advocate "Intelligent Design", it doesnt make any sense with respect to life itself, but i would like to know how we could come up with realistic Game AI without it. My bet on life itself is because we had billions of years to evolve, but do we have that much time to give birth to A-Life which would self-evolve to behave intelligently? the Intelligent Design thologists probably dont think life has had that kinda time, my belief is that, our body evolves every generation throwing out things it doesnt need and copying on the adaptation information of the current to the next generation so that the next generation can survive better. this would be the fastest way possible to get to what we are today. for example, A guy brought here directly from the 17th century would suffocate to death from all the pollution. but his descendants wouldnt. though we are pulluting way faster than we are evolving to handle this :D Give me your thoughts on evolving A-Life this way, how about an open source project which creates 2 entities a living entity and an environment entity
  2. Yes, you are right, but i prefer the GameDev forum to the mailing list. We do need to have some AAA game developers as users so that we really know what's left, i feel it still does have everything it needs to. but we never know. for example UnrealScript compiles to headers and integrates with the code itself. this makes it more of a control language than a scripting language. like what python has done to some games. we have halted development of our current game due to other priorities, and i hope to get back to it soon, cos that's where i can fully utilize AS properly, not just for initiliazation.
  3. We're using it in our Current Game codenamed "Xtreeme Forces" and an undisclosed game as well. but it's still version 1.8.x, sadly the pace at which we go, we cannot work on the scripting modules anymore, hence still the old version. we'll probably upgrade to 2.3.0 as soon as the cleanup modules begin, depending on how much forward compatible the current scripts will be. I think you should freeze development, and try pushing the community up a bit, since it seems to be dying out. try writing some articles for gamedev and gamasutra on AngelScript and try getting someone in Rockstar to use it maybe! This way we can push AS farther than it already is, just to make sure it gets as popular as Python or LUA!
  4. batch/fast loading of DDS files

    Great Idea - Thanks a lot, I dont use Mipmaps, since i want them for an Isometric Animation Engine. miplevels = 1 and load from memory is great, will try it out very soon and get back. Can you gimme some more code samples of loading a bunch of files directly into memory before using D3DXCreateTextureFromFileInMemoryEx?
  5. batch/fast loading of DDS files

    They're already 512x256 sprite animation pages, i am building it for an isometric style engine with all animations in all directions. 8 sides 30-40 frames per animation. DDS files are the fastest and also the smallest i have seen to load, my problem is though with too many of them, can you tell me how large a texture i can go with the file? I also wanted to know if there are ways to override this function and get it to read thru a flat file, (all files put into one file) and skip the time required for format/file handling changes. Thanks a bunch, i will check out the texture atlas method. theres a paper about it on nVidia, but i am still interested in the flat file method.
  6. I would like to know how to speed up batchloading dds sprite pages as intended in the following peice of code. will combining them all into one flat file help, by skipping file handle/header detection? thanks in advance if you can help! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- for(int i=first;i<=last;i++) { sprintf(ss, "./sprites/%s/sheet_%d%d.dds", folder, i / 10, i % 10 ); D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx( g_pApp->m_pd3dDevice, _T(ss), D3DX_DEFAULT, D3DX_DEFAULT, 0, 0, d3dFormat, D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, D3DX_FILTER_TRIANGLE|D3DX_FILTER_MIRROR, D3DX_FILTER_TRIANGLE|D3DX_FILTER_MIRROR, 0, NULL, NULL, sprPages[iTexFileCount++] ); } -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Is there a way i can use D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx to batch load a set of DDS sprite pages faster, they're similar in format but extremely large in number, or is there a way in putting them into large files and using D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx to read them thru it so that file read/write access times are reduced? thanks in advance! I use D3DXCreateTextureFromFileEx in a loop to get the files into a texture array which i use for sprite animations, need to speed them up as the App takes too long to load!
  8. I would like to know how to set up the Camera Axes using look and eye point only, i found this Axes Setup zaxis = normal(look- Eye) xaxis = normal(cross(Up, zaxis)) yaxis = normal(cross(zaxis, xaxis)) View Matrix xaxis.x yaxis.x zaxis.x 0 xaxis.y yaxis.y zaxis.y 0 xaxis.z yaxis.z zaxis.z 0 -dot(xaxis, eye) -dot(yaxis, eye) -dot(zaxis, eye) 1 but it doesnt seem to help, can anybody help me with some code sample or links to get forward. thanks in advance!
  9. Can you tell me how to include alphablending using PNG-24 in MIDP2 java 3d immediate mode. i have made the PNG transparent as it appears in Photoshop and set the composite values preoperly, i am still not able to make billboards and trees in 3D, any suggestions?
  10. AngelScript 2.2.0 WIP 5 (2005/05/31)

    I agree with the portability Issue, since script languages are mostly used for games, and Most games run on Windows/Xbox/PS2, you could start Branching a seperate version called Angelscript JIT for which you could obtain a common platform in AS and Angelscript General for other applications. each branch for Speed versus portability( which is the same issue with C# and Java as well).
  11. AngelScript 2.2.0 WIP 5 (2005/05/31)

    There's something else the UnrealScript does, as far as i have heard, i Suppose it converts them to a C++ equivalent code, and calls Make and Link at runtime , compiles them to machine binary, and links them thru a DLL, this should give any script the best performance possible. Do we have this on the cards for Angelscript. is this possible in the near future?
  12. Pathfinding in Mediewal Total War

    got this working, everything seems to be fine in my code. will post back.
  13. Pathfinding in Mediewal Total War

    I am looking for a way to place destinations effectively around the objects in a blob like formation to be deformed from another military formation, this way , i'll make sure the soldiers end up in the right spots. any suggestions?
  14. Pathfinding in Mediewal Total War

    I know that it is graph based, I am trying to model a Pathfinder similar to the Total War series, but i have already added AStar to use tile information to generate paths around static obstacles,but I want to move over 100 soldiers together, and i have found a path for the leader of the group, the others are based on offsets to the leader. i can guarantee that the leader is always on open space, but i want the followers to avoid obstacles around them, in case they meet any on the way of the path. this is similar in MTW or RTW, but, they move straight towards the destination, and move around anything in the way. the obstacles are usually square edged buildings, so i keep the tiles around them as obstacles. i just needed to know how MTW achieved a proper technique in tracing the obstacle edge.
  15. Pathfinding in Mediewal Total War

    can you tell me a quick way to make sure that i can edge trace around a building, if the destination is right across a wall, usually , the object flickers around the composite wall behind the target, like below, A flickers in place, i'm blank right now, can you tell me how i could guide it out. X | | | ------------------ A
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