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  1. A Super Mario Source Code

    Ok, so I rarely download source code, but I'm assuming that since it's in C, I need something that isn't Visual Studio to view it, right?
  2. It all makes perfect sense. Well at least I can be clear that failure at this point is my own fault.   That said, I use C# and XNA so any tutorials related to that would be appreciated.
  3. I do, actually.   In fact, when I'm brainstorming for design ideas, I'm also thinking of how they function in this format.   That said, what is my problem then? Why am I not out there just doing stuff?
  4. I think this is the best way to summarize my current issue. I'm thinking "I want to make this game." and I have some ideas down on how I want the game to be. But then "I don't know the stuff I assume I'll need to make the game." So I wonder which way to go about resolving this and I don't have an answer and I'm more or less in a state of indecision.
  5. [quote name='jefferytitan' timestamp='1345347488' post='4970998'] Can you clarify a few things?[list] [*]Do you have programming experience? [*]Is this going to be a static site, e.g. can users interact with the site or just view it? [*]Do you have anybody working with you? If so what are their skills? [*]What does your webhost support? Some only support static HTML pages, some do .NET, PHP, etc. [/list] [/quote] I have some programming experience (C#). I suppose the site would be static, but I'm also thinking of some kind of comment section below the stuff seen in the image. I have an artist friend who made that image using excel and photoshop. I haven't fully inquired what they support. It's Stablehost if that make it even a little bit clearer. I've basically been sitting on this space for a while now. Edit: I checked their site and saw this - PHP 5.2.x and PHP 5.3.x support Percona / MySQL 5.1 Ruby On Rails Perl 5.8.8 Server Side Includes Free Perl Module Installation Perhaps it is relevant to this topic?
  6. I had an idea for a website I want to make. I already own the web space, etc. I've had the space for a while but didn't do anything with it (one of those deals that occasionally pops up so I got in on it quick), until now. I have a copy of Microsoft Expressions (free through my school) and an image of how I want the page(s) to look. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to resources that would explain how to accomplish my goal. In any case, here is the image. [url=""][/url] I want to have the page look like this, but be something of a template that I can change the colors/font on with ease. Any help or w/e will be appreciated.
  7. Those make a lot of sense. On that note, in games that actually function like I described, is it bad design?
  8. What I refer to, is a scenario where the character has a set of abilities (let's say flame generation/manipulation), and then for puzzle solving, you're presented with obstacles that require external methods to solve. Like a gate or some other path obstruction. Clearly the character could burn it to the ground with little effort, but instead, the character stresses the importance of finding the key to advance. This doesn't even touch on simply climbing over it, etc. Now, I could see the character being a non-destructive type, but in this example, the character is the destructive type and has already melted down several enemies and miscellaneous debris that sits around the level. So I'm wondering if this is the right way to do things, or is it just terrible game design? I'm working on a game, and I want to have problem-solving suitable to the character's abilities, but also taking into account how some players may perceive it. If the character comes off as an unstoppable juggernaut, I don''t want him to turn pacifist over a locked door.
  9. [quote name='kunos' timestamp='1341001767' post='4954076'] honestly I don't understand the point of threads like these. I mean, what are you looking for? A solution? How being given a solution would make you improve? Programming is all about finding solutions to problems. If somebody just gives you the solution you'll be back asking another solution for your next problem and you won't learn anything. You are looking for an hint? Here's one: break down your problem into simple parts, start from a simple case were you are making assumptions.. ie, assume you'll have a sequence of number operation number operation and you solve it left to right without any operation precedence. Look how to get a string and split this into parts, C# strings are very good at this. Once you get it done you might look into more complex stuff, operator precedence, brackets and so on.. this usually involves a creation of a tree of operation that is then solved into a solution. You mentioned you've been programming for 4 years. .I dont mean any offense, but if after 4 years you're stuck at this, maybe you should consider the possibility that perhaps programming isn't what you were born to do? [/quote] I'm a friend of his and he was talking to me about the issue. From what I can tell, he's been having trouble understanding how to solve it as opposed to understanding the what side. Like if you told a person "You have to read the user input and store it as a variable." They'd know what you mean, but not the specifics of how (using Console.Readline, etc) That's the best way I can explain his issue.
  10. Motivation Sometimes, I feel the best thing to do is to just do it.
  11. The Bar Graph on this Page - [img][/img] I wish to create something similar on a wiki on my site which is powered by MediaWiki. Does anyone know how?
  12. I wonder how all of this would play into a move create mode.
  13. Thank you for the information freakchild.
  14. [quote name='Mr Rage' timestamp='1338917942' post='4946525'] I'm currently in the same position as you, my goal is to make a pro wrestling game. I study Computer Aided Design and I've been independently learning to be a artist and animator(well mostly artist) from the age of 12. I remember a few years ago, I made this. [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] [url=""][/url] WOW I've seen a lot of complex talk about how wrestling games work and I'm soo confused. Well in the future, I want to develop a ROH/TNA game but I have to start at a very very very easy project. [/quote] Those images look very nice. As for it being confusing, I see it as being a work in progress. It's confusing because I haven't tried to learn it yet.
  15. [quote name='Marvel Magnum' timestamp='1338873201' post='4946304'] [quote name='freakchild' timestamp='1338839107' post='4946202'] A simple example of this would be the definition of 'grip points' on one wrestler - basically positions the other wrestler is trying to grab. The wrestler doing the grabbing will more than likely be animating via several blended animations and supplemented with dynamic animation via inverse kinematics in order to do that - no simple 'replay' going on there. [/quote] Nice man! I am in a position where I get to see the animations for one of the best wrestling series getting shaped and tuned everyday. You are spot on with that information there. And yes, the amount of custom tools "just" to have the animations looks great and work in all situations (eg. tall char with a short one or vice versa, fat and thin chars too and a lot of other situations) is astounding. So yes, wrestling and most close contact sports are DEFINITELY not projects to pick up at the start. Pick something simpler like bowling, Slateboard. [/quote] Oh, this most definitely isn't an attempt at starting with pro wrestling. I'm merely working to obtain knowledge for the future. It's something I've decided long ago. I'd either join a development team that was working on a game (seems THQ is the only game in town), or put forth the effort of making my own.