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    Integrals of Trig Functions

    You should realize that sin^2(x) = (1 - cos(2*x))/2 And that's easy to integrate. Proof: cos^2(x) + sin^2(x) = 1 cos^2(x) - sin^2(x) = cos(2*x) with subtraction you get the formula above. Partial integration is needed if you have: - exp * trig, like e^x * sin(x), circular - poly * trig, like x^2 * sin(x) - poly * exp, like x^2 * e^x - poly * exp * trig, like x^2 * e^x * sin(x), circular - log, like ln(x) - poly * log, like x^2 * ln(x) - inverse trig, like asin(x) ... If you have only trig, you don't need partial. It can be formed to an "integration-friendly" expression.
  2. szinkopa

    Color spectrum operations

    Yeah, I think this is a widely used formula. Just think of multitexturing, blending. The new color components are linear combination of the other colors' ones.
  3. The axis is perpendicular to the plane respectively, isn't it?
  4. This Rally Championship 2000 is very similar to NQR rally from the DOS era. I mean the track preview in first place. This cannot be accident. ? I will check out that Papyrus' Nascar game. Grand Prix Legends is another one?
  5. v8 supercars is toca race driver 2, isn't it?
  6. I have just tried Rally Championship 2000 Demo. It's not as good as LFS or the Nissan game IMO, I found the suspension's behaviour similar to CMR's, not too real. I encountered collision detection problems between car and other objects: the side of the car is not always tested :). But it's eventually fun to drive. The terrain is good, not just linear track in the 2nd track but branches, shortcuts. Somtimes I was confused where I am.:) I just ran once on each track. I will yet play with it.
  7. Honestly, I did not think of car damage when I started this topic. I meant good vehicle dynamics, and realistic motion. But it does not matter.:) Have somebody any experience about Richard Burns Rally console edition? It is out, isn't it? Its GFX is about 100%, but the physics? Is it as good as the previews describe?
  8. Thanks for the comments so far. I really recommend trying that Nissan game. It is very well configurable, there is a lot of parameters, so they have surely made a quite detailed physics model. The graphics is not that fantastic but it does not matter. You can download the demo here. There is one Nissan and one track available in the demo. I am disappointed about the Havok demos. I expected more. In every demo the car is accelerating to fast. Pressing the up and down buttons alternatively shows this. Tha car-demo is strange when at low speed I turn. It just spins out. This is abnormal. Extremly oversteered or just bug don't know. In the raycast demo I keep pressing only the right arrow and the car begins spinning. Very disappointing! And the third, dashpot-demo, I go forward, than release gas, and let roll the car, when it it not so fast I turn right, and when it stops, the rear wheels slip a lot. Every real car behaves far differently. So maybe Havok's physics engine is the best but car simulation is a special case, it requires more I think. These were done too simply and so they show a lot of big difference from reality. The main cause of the strange behaviour was the bad tyre model in each demos. I found Meqon jeep demo a lot lot better than Havok's ones. One thing I noticed: the jeep jumped always longer than I expected, when climbed a hill. I would try GT4 but there is no PC edition. :-( So I just keep watching the trailer. Its physics seems really good based on this. I will look at the games you mentioned. Just keep posting comments. I am interested in your impressions about the Nissan game.
  9. Hello, I just wondered, which PC car/racing game has the best phisics simulation, so the most realistic. I am only interested in rally or street cars, not F1. I tried a lot: CMR2, CMR4, STCC, LFS, Rally Masters, Racer, GTR Demo, The Real Car Simulator R Nissan Demo, VRally3. I could not try TOCA Racer because it was flickering on my machine. I found LFS, and the Nissan game(!) very impressive. CMRx has strange behaviour in reverse, I guess it is not true physics. VRally3 is also strange IMO. Does somebody know a game with better simulation in his opinion? Or what do you think about these? Maybe the upcoming Richard Burns Rally game will be very good, or the Xpand Rally.
  10. szinkopa

    Frame independent movement (once again)

    If dt is your timestep, then your code should change something like this: void CCar::Accelerate(float dt) { // accelerate until max speed if(fCurrSpeed <= fMaxSpeed) fCurrSpeed += fAcceleration * dt; } Here fAcceleration's dimension is distance/time^2, like m/s^2
  11. szinkopa

    Major quaternion issues

    What is bad in your opinion? The green line is rotating twice as fast as the the purple one, because you apply the transformation twice on it. One strange thing I have noticed is when the purple has taken 360 degrees, it jumps a bit, it does not rotate smoothly around 360 degree. I just note that you should first translate and then rotate an object.
  12. szinkopa

    Check out my game, its finally released!!!!!

    Hey, it's a lot of fun. Good work. I had no problem. My config: Athlon XP 2000+ GF4 Ti4200 64 MB 256 MB DDR RAM WinXP Pro You earn 10 $ for every lap below the target time, and when collide, your car damages. And this needs repair money. Am I right? One thing I don't understand: in your cars.ini file the buggy's data seem to be a reals car data not a small RC one's. It would be better to use realistic data. If you use an acceptable tyre model even without suspension or weight transfer, it will be much better. For example using Pacejka model, but only for the lateral behaviour of the tyre if you don't want longitudinal spinout/skid/slide (which is right?). It's very easy to apply. You can find data in the car.ini of the Racer game.
  13. szinkopa

    try out my game!! :)

    This is really cool :) My sister cannot stop playing it. I like it too.
  14. szinkopa

    Hardware support for Matrices?

    Quote:Original post by OrangyTang Quote:Original post by jyk Well, I suppose you could go glPushMatrix(); glLoadIdentity(); And then use glLoadMatrix() and glMultMatrix() to perform operations with your own matrices. Then you could read the results back with glGetIntegerv(); I doubt functions like glMultMatrix that operate directly on the modelview or projection matrices are actually performed on the card, rather I'd expect them to be performed on the CPU and the result sent to the card. Then what is T&L? Transform & Lighting. I think such cards can do this in hardware. And perhaps OpenGL utilizes it. Am I wrong?
  15. Ravuya: OK. I see a lot of other SDL libraries there. I will try to integrate it. falkone: Yeah, it is clear now. It really doesn't work now, but the new drivline model will be capable to simulate it. It's only enjoyable with engine sound though.
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