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  1. demonkoryu

    How About UNICODE and UTF-8

    It is UCS-2, not USC-2.
  2. demonkoryu

    Design Patterns: Singleton Basics

    Were we speaking about global functions or global objects? It is kinda obvious that I'm talking about replacing a global variable, as in Foo foo; // construction time = ??? vs. a Singleton or your approach.
  3. demonkoryu

    Design Patterns: Singleton Basics

    Let's keep this balanced. The article, as I see it in its current revision, *does* list a bunch of misgivings with singletons.   There might be a misunderstanding here. Design patterns are a means of communication. Sure, Singleton should be avoided, but when you come across one, it is good if you can give it a name and know its shortcomings and perceived benefits, right? So don't bash this article just for being about singletons.   Also, Singletons are still better than globals (because you have encapsulated the access by getInstance(), which allows at least for a defined construction timing, and might be synchronizable in the presence of multiple threads). 
  4. In 2006, Intel released the "Core" microarchitecture. For branding purposes, it was called "Core 2" (because everyone knows two is better than one).   That's not right. The The "Core Solo" and "Core Duo" followed the Pentium M and were succeeded by the "Core 2 Duo".
  5. demonkoryu

    100 bugs in Open Source C/C++ projects

    Wolfenstein 3D in C++? I think not. You seem to refer to RtCW.
  6. Das ist kein Coden mehr. Das ist ein Gemetzel. #magento #redaxo #integration
  7. I used to be a #Magento wiz, then I took an arrow to the knees.
  8. Das #blutengel - Konzert im #Matrix gestern war super! :) #~B~
  9. Come compare books with me on Goodreads: http://t.co/CtgBtTHt
  10. Check this video out -- EVE: A Future Vision http://t.co/qt1cweOK via @youtube
  11. RT @Linuzifer Die dmexco überleben: Survival in der Einöde des Digital Marketing http://t.co/hdPnLeVV
  12. Geithner Plan for Europe is last chance to avoid global catastrophe - Telegraph http://t.co/hIDvKKrw via @Telegraph
  13. R.I.P. Amy Winehouse.
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