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  1. Ainokea

    Is this thing on?

    All the interesting people are crazy.
  2. Ainokea


  3. Ainokea

    OpenGL doesn't require you to use extensions

    But when most people ask "OpenGL or DirectX" they usually mean on Windows because DX isn't on any other platform so they are right, OpenGL does require extensions (If your using Windows which (90% of people are).
  4. Ainokea

    The Internet is Stealing Your Brains

    Quote:Original post by Ravuya Quote:Original post by Ainokea Speaking of reddit, your on the front page of joel.reddit.com He'd better be, he posted it. Didn't notice that.
  5. Ainokea

    The Internet is Stealing Your Brains

    Speaking of reddit, your on the front page of joel.reddit.com
  6. Ainokea

    It was never supposed to happen...

    I love tourists. Especially the ones that get off the cruise boat and go into Ross or eat at a McDonalds or Starbucks.
  7. Ainokea

    Sweet, sweet relief

    I would almost feel sorry for you except you have that disgusting avatar.
  8. Ainokea

    Here We Go Again

    Good luck on your project. BTW: In "black mode" it's impossible to read.
  9. Ainokea


    Yes comics are corny, and when they are movies, like say, xmen 3, THEY ARE REALLY REALLY CORNY.
  10. Ainokea

    I survived! Sort of.

    Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ Yeah, but I'm a tropical, thin-blooded pansy. I literally break out the sweaters when it dips below 80F outside. Me too. Except I am not a thin-blooded pansy, I am uber hardcore, it's just that all those northerners are really uber hardcore.
  11. Ainokea

    Why my favourite language is .NET

    Quote:Original post by ApochPiQ Pfft, noob. Everyone knows Epoch is way sexier than .Net. Pfft, noob. Everyone knows Epoch doesn't exist yet.
  12. Ainokea

    Quake, mortals

    Does this have anything to do with 4E5?
  13. Ainokea


    I wanna play. Beta anytime soon?
  14. Ainokea

    Tools are awesome

    Quote: then if I have a typo its a pain Just wondering, have you ever heard of tab completion? It usually stops me from misspelling filenames.
  15. Ainokea

    Some useless pondering

    I thought I thought of stupid stuff when I was bored but.. wow.
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