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  1. Quote:Original post by Talroth From watching the trailer it feels like Fallout, Bio-shock, and halflife2 all went out and got drunk, and 9 months later this is what happened. I'm thinking I'll pass unless I hear of something half way unique happening here. Looked like Fallout, Bio-shock, and Halflife 2 all went out and got drunk, than they barfed out awesome in the form of a video game.
  2. I had a girlfriend until yesterday, its cool though cause now I can play and code more video games.
  3. Some asshole stated it like it was a fact. Than everyone else decided that that was good enough for them so they jumped on and decided he wasn't born in America.
  4. Think of video games during sex? But I thought the goal was to last longer, not cum prematurely.
  5. I think everyone here is too optimistic about what the future holds.
  6. Quote:Original post by bencelot If that's not to happen though, when will the exponential trend stop? When we run out of oil.
  7. Quote:Original post by Bregma The real reason the senior guys all have beards is because our priorities do not include spending hours every week staring at ourselves in the bathroom mirror trying to alter our appearance to be that of little boys. People who do that tend to get into sales and merketing by the time they're experienced enough to be management level. Wow, you must suck really really bad at shaving if it takes you hours every week to shave. And BTW: John Carmack and Tim Sweeney:
  8. This thread confuses the hell out of me. How can someone from England suck so much at writing English?
  9. Quote:Original post by zedz trueit can be abused Thats what you must understand, if it can be abused IT WILL BE ABUSED.
  10. You guys really don't see whats wrong with this?
  11. Quote:Original post by Yann L Quote:Original post by alnite Maybe I am wrong, but there wasn't any competition between us because there were no girls to impress. Nobody ever wanted to make himself more popular than the others because he didn't need to. We basically did whatever each individual wanted to do with no peer pressure. Yeah, but dude - there are no girls ! My high school time was already annoying and boring enough, I think that without girls I would've become insane. But seriously, about this "impress the girls by being the star of the baseball team", that's mostly an American thing. You don't find that over here, at least not to the extend usually portrayed in US highschool movies ;) You didn't find that in my area of America either, the center linebacker on the football team played Yugi Oh cards for christ sakes.
  12. Your just bragging because you got to talk to a Real Life Girl(tm).
  13. Did the OP just use the word "engine?!" I am so tempted to rate him down right now![flaming] The vulgarity!
  14. Any movie that has that many throat punches in it is bound to rock.
  15. The same thing I do every Valentine's day: try to get laid.