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  1. Iterators and templates

    Oops, I skipped the typename keyword. Thanks, that is solved.
  2. Iterators and templates

    And what should i do?
  3. Hi All, i have just run into a C++ problem. I have got a map in my template class. The key item is the a template type. I am unable to iterate through my map because my code does not compile. I have tried typedef declarations but did not help. Here is the code: template <typename T> class ObjectPool { std::map<T*, bool> mPool; int mPoolSize; public: ~ObjectPool(); ObjectPool(int poolsize); T* GetObject(); void ReleaseObject(T* object); }; template<typename T> ObjectPool<T>::~ObjectPool() { map<T*, bool>::iterator it = mPool.begin(); //this line will not compile for(;it != mPool.end();++it) { delete (*it).first; } } Any ideas?
  4. I don't think so. I'm using for static buffers. And it works. I have static vbs for meshes. If i load a mesh, i look for a vb which have enough space for a mesh vertices.
  5. hannibal84: In studio max the tex y coord needs to flip. uv.y = 1.0f - tex.y; If this is your problem. Did you duplicate vertices ? Because max stores uv by face.
  6. We'd run into this problem too. The frame animation worked, but skinning never succeceded. This was one of the things we forget the x model.
  7. Right handed system to left

    Thanks for the help. Max Matrix3 is an 4*3 matrix. It seems to be a column matrix. Are you sure i have to transpose ?
  8. Right handed system to left

    Thanks the link. Have i got to transpose matrices ? Switch column and line ?
  9. Hi ! I've exported a mesh from max 5.1 to direct3d. Max has right handed system. My question how to transform vertices and local trans matrices to left handed system ? I'd be glad for any help.
  10. When creating the window class maybe you should use this CS_HREDRAW | CS_VREDRAW.
  11. Sorry, i posted the last one.
  12. Texture Blending

    I'm absolutelly sure you forget that : _device->setTextureStageState(1, D3DTSS_TEXCOORDINDEX, D3DTSS_TCI_PASSTHRU);
  13. What i'm doing in my engine : I have an abstract class RenderObject, i derive all my renderable object from it. A ship, an fps, counter a menu is a renderobject. class RenderObject { class Geometry;//vb, ib, etc class RenderOperation;//states. etc class Material;//textures, colors }; My scene graph Root / | Geometry 1 Geometry 2 .. Geometry n / RenderOperation 1 .. n / Material 1..n / RenderObject level !!
  14. Hy guys ! I hope this helps. I used in fx to blend two tex with an alpha tex. alpha is the alphatex technique onepass { pass p0 { Lighting = false; Texture[0] = <alpha>; ColorOp[0] = SelectArg1; ColorArg1[0] = Current; AlphaOp[0] = SelectArg1; AlphaArg1[0] = Texture; Texture[1] = (tex2); TexCoordIndex[1] = passthru; ColorOp[1] = SelectArg1; ColorArg1[1] = Texture; AlphaOp[1] = SelectArg1; AlphaArg1[1] = Current; Texture[2] = <tex0>; TexCoordIndex[2] = passthru; ColorOp[2] = BlendCurrentAlpha; ColorArg2[2] = Current; ColorArg1[2] = Texture; AlphaOp[2] = Disable; ColorOp[3] = Disable; } }
  15. Hmm interesting. I did the same thing rendering meshes with effects. But i realized that if i set the textures between beginpass and endpass the render fails. But EvilDecl81 showed CommitChanges, so i write back that. Thx.
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