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    Help getting started

    Quote:Original post by Spoonbender Quote:One book most people recommend staying far away from is Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus. I have the 2nd Edition and it covers DirectDraw, which is obsolete. You may want to pick a new edition (though I'm not certain if it's avaiable) or perhaps another book. Fixed a few errors in your post. [smile] As a general rule of thumb, avoid anything by LaMothe. Really? Wow! I haven't been catching up on gamedev lately. I bought it a few years ago and that's the only DirectX book I got. Probably that's why I had trouble learning DirectX. I admit it is confusing for newbies because he tries to cover too much, hardware included. Still, that's the book that got me interested in DirectX. And yes, practice is always needed, but I think an understanding is still needed since it makes it easier to pick up new material. I'm not fond of following some directions without knowing what's I'm getting myself into.
  2. styrene

    Help getting started

    I used to have trouble with DirectX too. Without a book right next to me, I wouldn't be able to write code at all because while I could call functions, I had no understand how it worked. I gave it up and moved to SDL. Then I had more hardware knowledge, and suddenly everything is perfectly clear. That's how I got DirectX down, but from what I see, most people don't conquer DirectX that way. They learn by follow tutorials and books. One book most people recommend is Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus. I have the 2nd Edition and it covers DirectDraw, which is obsolete. You may want to pick a new edition (though I'm not certain if it's avaiable) or perhaps another book.
  3. I spent like a few months learning DirectX and SDL and a whole week to complete a Tetris-clone. But then, I saw Game Maker and some screenshots and they looked great and I felt a little cheated. RGP is something I've always wanted to do, but I'm starting small first, and now suddenly there are tools out there that help you make games quickly? I'm merely curious, since game programming is something I greatly enjoy doing on spare time, not as much as hardware design, but still... I think that if one wants to make game, he/she would be into programming rather than drag-and-dropping tiles. So there must be something great about Game Maker. So, please, tell me the advantages and disadvantages of Game Maker and the likes. How limited are they?
  4. styrene

    Game programming and women [SOLVED]

    Ha, since I'm a female, I'll try answering these questions. First, I'm a uni student, majoring in Computer Engineering, which is closely related to Computer Science, so I've taken many CS courses. I was a CS major and always prefer CS to CE, but I thought I could study CS myself so I switched to CE. I do play game and did program a game, though a little crappy. I'm aiming at making another one soon. What do they say about male programmers? The majority of my friends are male. And yes, I do WANT them to treat me as one of their male friends. Personally I think male programmers are cool. However,... Do you really want some negative thoughts on them? How do they look? Do I look foxy? I don't think so. Hm, pass this, please. Is there a speciffic type of woman that is more likely to play games? I play games. My sisters play games. My friends play games. What is the percenatge of women in your organization? In my CS courses, there are usually under 5 women, but mostly 2 or 3, and sometimes 1, including me. So not too many. Do they play games, and what games do they prefer? I love Final Fantasy series and 2D games in general. I'm not fond of bloody games or 3D games with too many movements and constant change of views. It's because after a while, I feel dizzy, sick, stay on the bed and can't do anything for a whole day. Even Kingdom Hearts have that effect on me (and my sis too). I only watched my friend play Half-Life but couldn't stand it either. Does gender say anything about what you do best? Hm, pass this, please. Note: I do better than my male friends and most of the guys in my CS courses. Quite a few times, I top the class. They sometimes ask for my help. Are thay all doing the UML part of the programming process? I hate doing UML. It's so boring. I don't like planning and such. Give me a program to do and I'm happy.
  5. I recently made a Tetris clone with SDL and sent it to my friends, but only the one that has Visual Studio.Net (my compiler) can run it. I tried to run the exe (taken from the Debug directory) on a computer at my college and it didn't run. It asked for some dll from the compiler (msvcp7.dll or something even though I didn't use any framework from VS). What files do you need from Visual Studio.NET in order to the executable file? I thought we didn't need things from the compiler, but... Am I just missing some crucial fact here? Thank you!!
  6. styrene

    Please help! SDL_WM_SetIcon()

    Thank you so much! It works now. I used the window icon I created a long time ago, and as such its extension was ico. I forgot to change it back to bmp. Silly me!
  7. styrene

    Please help! SDL_WM_SetIcon()

    I'm using Visual C++ 6.0
  8. I'm making my first game and almost finish it, but when I tried to create an icon for the game, it didn't work at all. I followed the SDL Documentation and set SDL_WM_Seticon() before SDL_SetVideoMode(), but nothing changed. I'm so frustrated.
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