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  1. dragongame

    C++ Why are enums broken

    struct MyBitField { unsigned int foo : 1; unsigned int bar : 1; ... }; You could also do bit fields. They can tell you exactly your intend. Just another idea.
  2. [quote name='ApochPiQ' timestamp='1358372763' post='5022315'] Composable rule systems [/quote]   Thank you very much!   I'll look into your suggestion and will report back on my progress.
  3. Very well then. But what would be the 'right' tool? Which would be the 'right' method or pattern to use in the above sketched example?
  4. Hello,   I'm currently planning on implementing a tabletop game in the spirit of Warhammer 40k. This is a turn based strategy game with lots of special rules.   Why a entity component system? Units have special ability, which could be realized each as a component Area effects such as fear, could also be realized as a component indicating that a unit is affected by fear Each race or army type have there own special rules Special rules generally only effect some part of the system, e.g., movement or shooting Ease of integration in Unity (make games not engines  ) So what is the problem? How to realize the special rules? Example: To perform an action two six side dice are rolled and the sum is compared to a threshold. Lets assume a special ability or effect that modifies this test as follows: instead of two dice three dice are rolled and the highest result is discarded. Another effect might case that an additional dice is rolled and added to the result. So the combination would be: roll four dice remove the highest and add the rest up.   So in a perfect world the rules do not have to know about each other. But should be able to override each other such that an ability can cancel out an effect.   Would you ... implement the abilities as flag components? And put there effect into each system, e.g. shooting or movement system? put the logic of the ability into the components? have the logic of the ability as another component, where one could have many components of the same type, if the effects can stack? any other ideas? Of course if you are missing an information please feel free to ask. Also I'm looking forward to suggestions of different approaches.
  5. dragongame

    "Must-Learn" Languages

    There is a book called "Seven Languages in Seven Weeks" ...
  6. dragongame


    If you know OpenGL then OSG is straight forward to use and its documentation are the examples as well as the standard opengl documentation. But yes for getting a game fast up and running OGRE is the choice.
  7. dragongame


    That depends for what? I would argue for OSG if you need rending across network and good support for OpenGL ES or very good support for multi threaded rendering. But if you want more then a graphics engine, go for Ogre.
  8. dragongame

    Matching pattern

    How about for example pattern = 00000101 number = 10111011 for i in 0 ... 8: if (number >> i) & pattern == pattern: return True return False (pattern & number = 00000001) != pattern (pattern & (number >> 1) = 00000101) == pattern Sorry did not think of the example rip-off posted
  9. Have a look at Hough transformation
  10. dragongame

    What Does Everyone Think About The New Site Layout?

    Hi, I still find myself lost on the new site. I can't see things at a glaze. I do not like the new layout. And I will probably be absent for some time and hope, that when I return, the site has improved.
  11. dragongame

    Passing matrices to GLSL

    Hi, how do you set the bindings for the uniforms? glGetActiveUniform glGetUniformLocation glUniformMatrix* ...
  12. Hi, if you have access to research paper have a look at the one from Peer Stelldinger: http://kogs-www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/~stelldin/publications.html
  13. dragongame

    node/diagram self organization

    Hi, I'm in a hurry but maybe you could go the route to export your data and import into some other software? If so have a look at: yEd which seems to be able to do what you are after.
  14. Thank you! I will give it a try.
  15. Hallo, I'm writing an engine (using a component system) where a lot of components can be updated simultaneously. Some of them use random numbers, but if I distribute it over the network or try to replay it, then of course some get the wrong random number. So I'm looking for a way to reliable have the same random numbers for the components. Any ideas?
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