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    BMFont Crashing on Save

    I'll grab a screen shot of the config from his in a few mins - I can't get it from mine at the moment as I've got my Mac Book with me today instead - I think the crash on the mac through wine is unrelated as it can't even do the preview (same div by 0 as when it saves).
  2. mattlacey

    BMFont Crashing on Save

    Yep, 1.12 - From memory it was using a 28px high font, 0 border, antialaising on. Everything else basically default with just the top ascii characters used. Older versions crash too, and it's only started recently - wondering if it's somehow related to a .net update or similar? Still runs fine on my mate's box so hasn't stopped me doing what I wanted. I know you keep the source close to the heart but I'd be more than happy to build and run a debug version and see what's going on in VS if you'd like - of course I wouldn't distribute it and I'd even still use your official releases rather than add anything to it myself!
  3. mattlacey

    BMFont Crashing on Save

    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that BMFont is crashing for me whenever I try and save a generated font or the font configuration... It used to work fine (last tried it a couple of months ago) but today it just crashes. I've rebooted, tried the latest version etc. but no luck. It also crashes on the Mac under Wine (it used to work in crossover) - again it crashes on save so it could be related - Wine reports a divide by 0 not being caught Any ideas? Matt
  4. mattlacey

    XNA Alphablending

    Good point! Thanks very much :) The back buffer is already filled with one texture so wanted to do it this way.
  5. I'm doing a bunch of rendering, saving the resulting back buffer, and then using the back buffer in a post processing shader (on another render target). I then want to do an additive blend of the result of that render and the previously stored back buffer. This is the code I'm using at the moment - noEffect is essentially a VS that does nothing and a Pixel shader that just returns the colour of the texture at each pixel (again - nothing). I don't get a blended result, I simply get whatever I draw second. Any ideas? I could do the blending in a shader using two texture channels but that seems a bit OTT when this should work. Unless, of course, it shouldn't :) Cheers, Matt
  6. mattlacey

    DX Ortho Rendering - Shimmering Quads

    Absolutely correct guys, thanks! Was seriously annoying me and I just couldn't work out what was up with it!
  7. Hi guys, I've been mucking about in DX this week and have found the usual problems with tex coords not matching processed screen coords and causing dodgy edges etc. This however has not been my problem. The issue I've got is that a bunch of quads in a grid (64x64) are not the same size when rendered. Some of them seem to lose a pixel's worth here and there. If you scroll around in the exe at you'll see what I mean. The scrolling is done in whole units so I can't see why there should be any errors in the fp calculations. It's not a texture issue, if I just render coloured quads I get the same thing happening... Anybody have any ideas on how to fix this? It's been doing my nut! Cheers, Matt
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