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  1. Thankyou Ned and Jesse Banks. This finale was spectacular. I hope to see more Australian Tech Drama like this. #TheCode
  2. PowerShell is on my mind...
  3. I know that Managed DirectX is old, unsupported, and unfortunately only 32-bit code. It doesn't matter. It's a good place to start for the simple reason that it's most likely already installed on the machine... So, what do we do first? First we fire up PowerShell in x86 mode. There should be a "Windows PowerShell (x86)" link available in the start menu. Then we can run the following: #First get the folder that contains DirectX$dir = (gci (Split-Path ( Split-Path ([Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeEnvironment]::GetRuntimeDirectory()) )) | ? {$_.Name -cmatch 'DirectX'}).FullName#Then find the DirectDraw Assembly$assm = ls $dir -Filter *DirectX*DirectDraw.dll -r|select -ExpandProperty FullName#Load the Assembly[void][reflection.assembly]::LoadFile($assm)#Now Create a DirectDraw device$d = new-object Microsoft.DirectX.DirectDraw.Device From here our device $d allows us to interact with the video card retrieving information: [font='courier new']PS C:\Users\dwarfsoft> $d.DeviceInformation[/font] [font='courier new']DeviceGuid : d7b78e66-4266-11cf-1a74-e301a6c2cd35[/font] [font='courier new']Description : Intel(R) HD Graphics Family[/font] [font='courier new']Driver : aticfx32.dll[/font] [font='courier new']WhqlLevel : 1[/font] [font='courier new']Revision : 9[/font] [font='courier new']SubSystemId : 568530858[/font] [font='courier new']DeviceId : 294[/font] [font='courier new']VendorId : 32902[/font] [font='courier new']DriverVersion : 0[/font] [font='courier new']PS C:\Users\dwarfsoft> $d.DisplayMode|Select Height,Width,RefreshRate|fl[/font] [font='courier new']Height : 768[/font] [font='courier new']Width : 1366[/font] [font='courier new']RefreshRate : 60[/font] Now that we can interact with objects using the Assemblies, the next step is to actually display something on screen. Cheers, Chris.
  4. Why is a good question to ask. Why use PowerShell for game development? The only answer I have is: Why not. I spend every day of my working life buried neck deep in PowerShell, so it is the language I am most comfortable using. I have experience using it for things it really shouldn't be used for (PowerShell wrapping a C# interface to .Net calling Unmanaged system drivers for example). Mainly, PowerShell is not well understood for its more complex tasks. In theory, anything that .Net can do, PowerShell can do, and I'd like to explore the limits of what I can achieve with this peculiar toolset. My ambitions extend to DirectX integration using PowerShell... Simply because I think I can. In the process I hope to build client/server networking system, all within this shell scripting language. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Cheers, Chris.
  5. Woohoo! Footytips.com.au NRL tipping: I finished 668 out of 211,054. Still down on last year: 414 out of 189,589. I'm happy considering I don't actually follow NRL.
  6. Happy Anniversary to my beautiful wife and soul-mate Philana. 14 years together, and 10 years of marriage. I love you. Xoxoxo
  7. Photos from Fathers Day Family event on Thursday.
  8. Dude, where's my array.
  9. Hangboard got mounted yesterday. Today was my first circuit in over a month. Actually nailed the Entry level circuit on it, including the 12 second hang on the flat slopers. Looks like rest didn't kill my finger strength. #Hanging
  10. Happy Birthday! Definitely older than 12... My account is definitely older than 12 years :D   Member Since 05 Jun 2000
  11. Kippax Butcher is awesome. Was selling "Breast of Sky Whale"... $9.99/kg
  12. Congratulations Kirsty and Russell.
  13. Marathon damage...
  14. 2013 Creative Pay It Forward: the first five people to comment on this status will receive from me, during this calender year, a random gift ; perhaps a hand-crafted whatnot, a book or something as marvelous as it is surprising - there will be no warning. It will happen when the mood strikes me. ( I also need your postal addresses sent by way of my inbox). The catch? if you are one of the 5, you must make the same offer in your FB status!!! :) Paying it forward from Michael Ali-Akbari
  15. I am a total convert to "Zombies, Run!". Thanks Jared and Dani for turning me onto it. Http://www.zombiesrungame.com