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  1. C&C: Fulgrim's Quest

    Hi all. Its been a little while since I've posted...well 2004 to be honest, but I got bogged down with things like 'procreating' and such.   After over a year's effort, and with the help of fellow ex-Microprose artist Walter Carter, we have built a demo for our first game. Since we had to start with nothing, we decided to make a simple, side scrolling 'brawler' game for our first effort called "Creatures and Catacombs: Fulgrim's Quest". The game is written in C# using XNA and is targeted for the PC. We were going to also do an indy-games Xbox version, but MS kind of killed XBI.       Full game serpent boss (in test area):     We just launched the Kickstarter campaign here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/312956160/creatures-and-catacombs-fulgrims-quest   And the website (a little out of date) is http://www.creaturesandcatacombs.com/   Thanks for looking and feel free to leave feedback!   Also if you have any dev questions regarding this, of course you can PM me, hit our FB page, whatever you like! :) If the KS campaign is a success, we might need an artist as well!   -mike