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  1. Math game

    Great concept Wh1sp3r and very clean doc, well done. One thing I notice straight away is that you haven't included how the players controls are defaulted. Its an intelligent idea and respectful in that you're taking on educating people. Have you planned out the end game, or will there be no need for one? Don't forget to date your work. ;)
  2. Bad Jokes

    Q: How do you get 4 elephants into a mini? A: Simple; 2 in the front, 2 in the back. Q: Why did the koala bear fall out of the tree? A: It was dead Q: Why did the 2nd koala bear fall out of the tree? A: I nailed it to the first one.
  3. Make work - FUN!

    Quote:Original post by rmsgrey A Poul Anderson character once defined either sport or a game as something like "work you don't have to do". With that in mind, the major elements that can make something "fun" (in my opinion): 1) Competition - being measured against other people 2) Free choice - not feeling it's something you "must" do (particularly not something you must do in order to get on to something you want to do) 3) Potential achievement - there has to be some sense of progress - either actual or soon to be achievable. Free choice definitly, there's research that supports this too in that getting paid for work really devalues it enjoyment. People who work voluntarily often report getting more work satisfaction out of it too. There's a good book called "Irrationality" which goes into this deeper showing results of various experiements.
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