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  1. GKW

    OpenGL3.0.. I mean 2.2

    Quote:Original post by swiftcoder Quote:Original post by GKW They really needed to do a hard break with the fixed function. I bet it hangs around for years now.A hard break would be fine if no one relied on it. I am pretty sure that a majority of non-game products still use fixed function (and have no intention of ever changing) - CAD/CAM among them. The other problem is that fixed-function is still the performance path on a lot of (quite recent) hardware. Most embedded GPUs have no shader path, and even Intel's recent integrated chips perform better far better without shaders. As I pointed out with Java there will always be programs relying on the old API. Sun doesn't want to remove the deprecated methods because some, popular?, 10 year old applets still use the old API. At some point you have to bite the bullet and cut them off or you end up like Sun, stringing people along for years. They should have done a hard break and used the new create context mechanism to load up a old dll if you need the fix function pipeline. Right now they are just creating more work for the driver writers when the most important part of OpenGL 3 was supposed to be less complicated and better performing drivers.
  2. GKW

    OpenGL3.0.. I mean 2.2

    I'm pretty disappointed. I was looking forward to a ES2 for desktops. I'd also like to point out that some methods in Java were deprecated over ten years ago and are still in the yet to be released Java 7 source code. They really needed to do a hard break with the fixed function. I bet it hangs around for years now.
  3. GKW

    OpenGL & Multithreading

    wglShareLists is supposed to be used before you've created any textures, vbos, display lists, etc. If you wglShareLists after creating a texture the results are implementation dependent.
  4. GKW

    I guess I owe Java an apology

    Supposedly jre7 is going to have escape analysis with stack allocation, which should give games a nice little speed boost and reduce garbage collection a bit. There is also an outside chance that we will see some form of SIMD autovectorization.
  5. GKW

    OpenGL & Multithreading

    You could create a separate context that shares resources and load them on that context. But whether that is successful or not depends on the hardware/drivers. The older the hardware/driver the less likely it is to work on multiple threads. You will probably be better of doing all the disk IO on a background thread and creating the textures on you main context. The disk IO should be the slowest part of loading a new texture.
  6. GKW

    GDNet at the Movies: I. Am. IRON MAN!

    As far as comic book movies go Ironman was great. Good action sequences and there were a lot of funny one liners. Not as good as batman begins but then again what is? I loved No COuntry. I thought the unresolved ending was great. A bomb just went off in these peoples lives and they have no answers. Seems just like real life to me.
  7. GKW

    Super Tuesday

    Just because rush says mccain is a Democrat doesn't mean that he is. Paul isn't a libertarian, he is however a racist liar. I went and caucused with the Democrats and voted for Obama. In a normal year at this precinct 150 people show up. On a well attended night in the past at this precinct they had 300 people show up. This year they had over 1400 show up. They ran out of signup sheets and ballots. Change is coming. Don't fear it.
  8. GKW

    Java OpenGL

    The other option is JOGL.
  9. GKW

    Is it OK to eat badly if you exercise?

    If you learn to eat healthy and exercise now you will not have to put in the effort that I did to lose weight when you get into your late 20's to early 30's. Treats are supposed to be eaten on special occasions, not for dessert every night. Start eating fruit and nuts rather than junk food. Avoid anything with high fructose corn syrup if you can. It's in everything and your liver isn't designed to break down large quantities of it. As far as salt goes most people do not have to worry about it. Unless you have sodium related hypertension you can basically eat as much salt as you want. Within reason of course, hypernatremia can kill you.
  10. GKW

    Gonna try brewing beer

    I've been home brewing for the last three years though I have never made a pilsner because I don't have a extra refrigerator to ferment it in. Just make sure you keep everything as clean as possible. I'm told there is nothing more disappointing than waiting a month or two to try a new beer only to find out you were unsanitary and fouled the beer. Nothing you make from a kit will be as good as a beer from a professional brewery. I haven't moved up to all grain brewing yet but I assume once you are in control of the entire process you can make some really good beer. Most kit beers have a similar base flavor. Also make sure you don't have a boil over when you put in the hops. Cleaning burnt malt and hops off of a stove is a bitch.
  11. GKW

    Java sucks !... Only Java Sucks.

    The college I went to required your first CS course to be assembly on the m68k. Still one of my most favorite classes I ever took. After that I went to C and Java. Now they go straight to Java. Can't say I miss chasing down bad pointers. I don't really know if that adds any value to a CS degree. I think everyone should have their intro to CS with assembly though.
  12. GKW

    Best curry ever - never leaves you. [fixed]

    Stainless steel will get rid of the garlic smell from your hands. Fruit will get rid of the garlic smell on your breath. Eating a lot of fruit, specifically fruit that is deep red or purple since they contain the most antioxidants, might get rid of the smell of curry in your skin but other wise you probably just need to quit eating so much curry. Just for future reference if you ever get a tapeworm all you have to do is eat a lot of pineapple. The same enzyme that prevents you from using uncooked pineapple in jello will dissolve tapeworms in your intestines.
  13. GKW

    Drawing Tablets

    I purchased a blue medium bamboo fun last week. $205 with shipping. I don't have a whole lot of experience with the full featured wacoms but this one is quite nice. I hadn't noticed the high pitched whine before reading this thread. I can't hear it unless my head is within a couple inches of the tablet. I thought it was my linksys router. I also discovered that I can't hear the whine out of my left ear. Stupid TMJ.
  14. Quote:Original post by Way Walker Meh, nobody wants to pay for road maintenance, but everyone wants better roads. They're stingy because we the people are stingy. We the people are not stingy. Over half the population here wanted a gas tax increase and almost three quarters of us wanted a new highest bracket. Our republican governor who has won twice with less than %50 of the total vote went against the will of the people of this state.
  15. GKW

    Mike Gravel 2008!

    Unfortunately he is for a regressive national sales tax. Not that he would get elected anyway. Too old.
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