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  1. TheNobleOne

    DirectX in C#

    You might want to get tom miller's (creator of Managed Directx) book Managed Direct X Kickstart. It is indeed a very well done book.
  2. TheNobleOne

    A game development joke

    Bah I don't care whether or not you find it funny it was worth a shot. And it was funny at the spontanious time of thinking it up. But I warned you ahead of time anyways :P And it is much funnier when said because people are not expecting it. Tried it out on a couple people at school and they laughed. Oh well :P
  3. TheNobleOne

    A game development joke

    Yes I knew that when I made up the joke. :P Hence it is the punch line. Much funier when said with the cool voice tho :P Just read it out loud with the cool voice :P
  4. Just on a note any of the Express products can be used for commercial applications. On another note it has been said that DX9 is not supported by VC++ 6 (let alone) 5 at all. However, that would only be because microsoft stopped supporting the compiler and IDE totally as it is not needed anymore with the new better compliant compiler.
  5. TheNobleOne

    [.net] Multiplayer game in .NET

    Just a small tip as I have written network code in .Net many many times. When making a online game I find it better to start with the server and network code before doing the client stuff. That way you have a idea about the information the server is looking for when data is sent to it. Also, I find it easier to write the client code around the server then the server around the client. If you are not using a server. Just client to client over a network it is still easier to write the network code first becuase that way you can build the client code off that anyway as well. As for the objects talking to other objects. You should have the client send commands to the server with information attached to them. This way when the server gets that infomation it can update its objects and send the data out to the other clients so that they are upto date as well. A example would be to use a NetworkStream to send a string like "PLACEDONTABLE||ace||King||Queen". Then when the server sees that it can rip appart the string and say ok update the table object to contain a ace, king, and queen.
  6. TheNobleOne

    Window Not Displaying

    Thanks a bunch the Window class name is what did it. However, that was a spot I copied from the tutorial hummph oh well. Thanks again.
  7. TheNobleOne

    back in the game 1 year later...

    Not to burst your bubble or anything however, I recommend you don't set any dates for yourself. December is less then 2 months away and it will take you maybe more than that to get the hang of networking. Keep working on your game you will get it done at some point but don't set any dates just do your project at a comfortable speed. No stress need be created by dates.
  8. TheNobleOne

    starting opengl programming

    A small correction to a above post. Linux uses the compiler suit GCC. To compile C++ you use the g++ command not gcc.
  9. TheNobleOne

    OMG OMG I cant open exe files

    That is one more reason why you don't touch the registry unless you know what you are doing. That is also one more reason why Linux does not have a registry. :P Oh and how did you start your web browser if you can't open exe files :S
  10. TheNobleOne

    What type of degree.....

    Not to revive my old thread but I actually forgot about it lol. Currently I am studying Information Systems and Technology. Really I don't know if that is enough for anything in the games industry being that they cut out some calculus so you can take Economics courses and such. But the programming and programming concept courses are all the same as CS. Personally now that I am taking calculus I wish I actually stayed in CS because I actually like it lol. I got scared away because I was never the greatest at math but I am doing quite well in clac so far. Oh well too late to change majors again because I am already in my second year of school. If I switch again it will screw with graduation dates :S
  11. TheNobleOne


    Yep go to the above posters links preferably new egg and tiger direct. They are owned by the same company but if you use both together you can get some really good deals on parts. Some parts are cheaper on tiger direct some are cheaper on new egg. So both used together is recommended.
  12. TheNobleOne


    It does not matter the brand of computer as long as it has the hardware you need. Personally I never owned a brand name computer besides my laptop. All my computers are custom built by myself. I buy the parts and put it together. Much cheaper then any brand name computer you can buy. As in you could build a $1000 Dell for around $700 and yours will have better hardware then the Dell will.
  13. TheNobleOne

    Declaring class member function C++

    I can't find anything wrong with your code at first glance however in the future please you use [ source ] [ / source ] tags without spaces :P
  14. TheNobleOne

    VENT: #!!@#$!

    If it is possible for you to wait, you should wait till november when C++/CLI is released. The managed C++ you are learning for Visual C++ .Net 2003 is not going to exist anymore as of november unless you flip a compiler switch. But if you saw the new C++/CLI you would never go back to the old "__gclass" way lol. Maybe you should look into a language like C# of VB.Net for your project. They are capable of handling the complex math and can interface with MDX and what not.
  15. You might want to use a indexer property. However, what is better then hashtables for you purpose. You might want to look at using the IDictionary interface class however.
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