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  1. Liquid Darkness

    Final fantasy games

    Quote:Original post by Salsa The battles are fun, and the bosses are positively challenging.. my biggest beef with the game is there is absolutely no sense of why. Other than my sheer willpower to finish what I start, the plot FFVII is both terribly motivating and tremendously unrewarding. I agree with you all the way. Not once have I really been gripped by the plot, a cut scene or a Boss battle. The battle system is as awesome as it is innovative but being that I spent a lot of time leveling up early on, I'm simply steering my way through a boring plot line. However I do also understand that this game was aiming for a more classic style, along the lines of the Final Fantasy's of the NES era which had rather simple plots and endless level grinding. I'm going to finish it before I make all my conclusions but I've set it aside for now in favor of the very solid, very fun, FFIII.
  2. Liquid Darkness

    Final fantasy games

    STOP! Have I got some advice for you... Get a hold of a Nintendo DS and a Copy of Final Fantasy 3. it is a remake of the Nintendo game that never made it to the United States. The graphics are in full 3D(n64/ps1 quality) and it includes amazing, full color cg cutscenes, an awesome job system, and you can even use the touch screen for point and click navigation. If you want old-school game play with an updated look this is the game for you! I'm currently playing FFXII and FFIII at the same time and to be honest, I think I'm enjoying FFIII a little bit more.
  3. Liquid Darkness

    How do you know when you have food poisoning?

    Wow, here is a coincidence... I also live in San Diego and last week, after eating at an IHOP I got what seems to be food poisoning exactly as you described. I was in BAD shape; I mean I couldnt keep down water, pepto bismol(the pink stuff) or my seizure meds. I woke up every hour of the night to vomit even when my stomach was empty. :( Maybe there is a bad batch of something going around, like the recent spinach thing?
  4. Liquid Darkness

    DS vs PSP, people's thoughts

    I love my DS light. It's cheaper than the PSP, the graphics are awesome and the system is very clean and solid. I've got The New Super Mario Bro's, Star Fox, Mario Kart, and FF3(FREAKING AWESOME) I've been nothing but impressed. My brother has a PSP and it was 300 bucks when he got it. I dont know how much it goes for now but the DS light is 129.00 and the original is $99.00 My vote goes for the DS.
  5. Liquid Darkness


  6. Liquid Darkness

    3D House Demo

    Oh yeah that was a nice job. You should have saved the quake map of your old apartments to show off. :o
  7. Liquid Darkness

    Hello ladies!

    Holy chapstick Batman! It's Tim!! Glad to have you back dood. Now I dont have to send you links to all the crap I find on here.
  8. Liquid Darkness

    Blind kid can do some things better than seeing people

    Ohhh yeah, I saw that a few weeks back. The echo location kid right? He lives here in San Diego. I want to learn to do that so I can compensate for my limited night vision. The military should really start teaching these techniques to the special forces.
  9. Liquid Darkness

    How can I sign up for spam?

    Try this first, then check this out. Happy spamming.
  10. Liquid Darkness

    Welcome back, u235

    I loved that show. Jonathan Brandis and his cool hair and the talking Dolphin where my heroes. On a darker note, Mr. Brandis hung him self when he was 27. Why Jonathan, why? EDIT: Welcome back!
  11. Liquid Darkness

    MS Paint design a weapon

    This thread is awesome.
  12. Liquid Darkness

    How to have hours of fun for $25

    Quote:Original post by Dave The best $25 i've ever spent was on CS:S, the hours of gameplay from it is so valuable. Well you got ripped off my friend. The best $25 I never spent was CS:S... The hours I spend playing a free mod instead of working so I could buy the retail version was well worth it.
  13. Liquid Darkness

    Help - don't know the name of a certain song

    In the future you could try something like www.songtapper.com. If you havnt heard of it I suggest checking it out. You tap out the melody of a song you are thinking of and it searches for matches! Pretty neat idea.
  14. Liquid Darkness

    This picture makes me wanna...

    Quote:Original post by Avatar God Holy cow, the Wii is tiny. I was thinking... Quote:Original post by DigiDude The wii's tinyness just makes me want it more.[smile] ...the same exact thing. [GRIN]
  15. Liquid Darkness

    Ants can survive inside a microwave

    Very intersting! Your name is apropriate... :)
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