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  1. Gamez vs Appz

    I find programming games fun because of the challenge of making the game fun. When writing an app, you may end up with a nice app, but is it a fun app? Sometimes it may be, but not regularly. Game programming results in an end product that I enjoy, and as a result I enjoy the path to that end product.
  2. I'm 18, and my parents moved out of town a couple of months ago, which meant I was basically forced to move out of home, due to going to uni here. I'm enjoying it so far.
  3. Ask for help! Where can I download GPU Gems 2?

    Are you asking for somewhere to buy and download it, or for somewhere to download it for free? Because if it's the latter then you may find yourself out of luck, as piracy of any kind isn't greeted kindly here. If you want to purchase and download it, then I personally don't know of anywhere, but someone here may.
  4. Hark! Valentines Day approacheth!

    On valentine's day I'll be doing a make up exam for a uni course I failed last year. Fun!
  5. Evil Dead/Army of Darkness sequel

    When I read the title for this thread, I was overcome by joy, only to be shot down when I read the post [smile]. Still, I looked it up and found this. Not quite a sequel, but could be cool.
  6. A simple test, ya up for it?

    Hmm... I failed as soon as i got to the "What is your favourite colour?" question.
  7. Debugging a Release Build?

    I've had this sort of thing happen to me in the past, and for me it's usually caused by variables not being properly initialised. When run through the debugger in VS, it will generally automatically initialise your uninitialised variables, but when you run the .exe independently, this won't occur. I don't know if this is your problem, but it may help.
  8. Halo 2 Sucks

    Quote:Original post by gamerking Twist your mind around the words and it does, I think it's really comes down to one thing and only one thing-out of ten how much do you like me? Perhaps if you could give some structured argument as to why it's the best online experience?
  9. That feeling..

    Yep, I think I know exactly what you mean. I can't think of any specific moments, but I can say with confidence that I have experienced what you're talking about. On the other hand, I wouldn't really think that professional game development would be filled with this feeling, as it is really more application of what you already understand. It's really the hobby developer, especially one who is beginning to code that experiences this most, although I do expect that even great coders get it from time to time, as no-one has ever truly finished learning [smile]
  10. "I'm O.K."

    Hey all, did a quick check to see if this had been posted already, but I didn't see anything, so I'll post it now. If anyone recalls a few months back, Jack Thompson wrote his "A Modest Video Game Proposal", daring game developers to make a game that put the players in the shoes of a man who has lost his son to a kid who played violent video games, and proceeds to go on a rampage, killing people in the gaming industry. Well, some guys who call themselves "Thompsonsoft" have put together this game called I'm O.K. in response. Unfortunatly Jack will probably make some excuse about them not being an actual company or something, but still, it's a cool little game(at least I found it fun [smile]) Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know about it, because I didn't see any other threads on the subject, and am curious to see other peoples opinions on the fiasco. /me waits for pages of people exclaiming "repost" [lol]
  11. 3H-GDC m.V: Something Special (winner: BeanDog)

    Quote:Original post by matt_j So, there's no theme announcement, it just has to be a text-graphics game? So, it's okay if we have all this time to plan? My understanding is that there will still be a theme, but the game just has to be in ascii grahpics. The N/A after the Theme: part in the OP is just because the theme hasn't been announced yet. Edit: beaten by capn_midnight
  12. The face on the Pacific Ocean floor

    Quote:Original post by Benjamin Heath Quote:Original post by Ra Quote:Original post by Benjamin Heath ... The "angels in the Indian Ocean" looks more like a bear holding a bat. :s It's a sign. The bears are going to rise up and beat us into submission with baseball bats. [wow]Then there is only one thing to do: Learn the language of the bears, earn their trust, then breed with their women, and in time, our differences will subside. Hooray for bestiality, the solution to all of lifes problems! [wink]
  13. Not too shabby. My only real gripe is that you should convert your title image from .bmp to .jpg. 187kb for a title image is far too large. Fine for broadband users, but will be a problem for people with dialup. Even with my 512k adsl, i noticed it having to load on my first visit to the page.
  14. So it's Australia Day today

    Man, I need to go buy me some VB and get smashed.
  15. MMORPG

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster Quote:Original post by Will F Out of curiousity, how exactly is the process of creating characters and maintaining accounts going to differ between a MUD and MMORPG? I'd think it would be mostly the same, barring interface changes and graphical options for characters in the graphical mmorpg. The meat of the process should be quite similar. Crap, forgot to login. I'm that AP.