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    [web] Is it possible to make...?

    I understand the concern here. You have a site w/ your own user DB you've worked hard to customize for your site, and just want a forum that can pull from your existing UserName/Password Table. I agree that this should be do-able. You may want to try something like or I have not tried this myself, but suspect it would be easier to modify the source code of these as compared to something like phpbb. On an interesting side note, I will probably look into integrating one of these softwares to my site.... so I'd be interested in hearing of your experience.
  2. Cygnus_X

    [web] Is it possible to make...?

    Is it possible? Yes. Will it be worth a damn? No. I know its possible because I've done it before. But what I built was ugly and had no features. Why, my I ask, are you doing this? There are several free php forums already available.
  3. Cygnus_X

    [web] text based game

    Will your game be PvP (ie, one player vs. all other players in the game) or more of an RPG (you vs. a pre-generated set of computer opponents)? Your answer will tell me what type of system you need.
  4. I'd need to see your overall design, but..... If you're going to use Javascript to pass information to the server, then I'd recommend either jQuery or Moo Tools. jQuery is my favorite, but either will do the job. However, javascript is not required to pass data to the server. If this is a text-based (with static images) game, then you can simply use an HTML <form> tag to pass information back and forth. This will be much easier and save you much more time than writing unnecessary Javascript. There are some libraries for PHP frameworks, but I was always more comfortable rolling my own. Probably because I spent too much time developing my own sites before many of the frameworks existed. I hope this was helpful. I'd love to hear more about your project as I could probably offer more advise if I knew the bigger picture.
  5. Cygnus_X

    [web] PHP bug?

    I see. I'm guessing you'd want to do this to save a call to _constructor()? I can see why I've never had a need for this...
  6. Cygnus_X

    [web] PHP bug?

    What is the advantage of having a static class?
  7. Cygnus_X

    [web] php termination

    This may not be the 'best' practice, but in my experience, this is most frequently a problem on when input is checked on a user form. You want to make sure the user hasn't inputted something illegally, and if they have, you want to show a message and kill the rest of the code. For this, I have code similar to the following: <?php ... some typical code included on all pages at the top (typically require_once('functions_all.php'); if(!valid_input()) { $_SESSION['Error'] = 'The error message'; header('error.php); exit; } now, error.php does something like: make_header(); make_left(); echo $_SESSION['Error']; make_right(); make_footer(); With this combo, I have a simple means of setting the error message for the user, and then forwarding them to a page that will display it, then killing the rest of the code with an exit statement. Based on having a set sessionID, I can call the correct menus, etc. There are many variations of this, but it ensures the page gets displayed properly, and is easy to implement throughout all my pages.
  8. Cygnus_X

    [web] PHP bug?

    There are no hard feelings. I am not a CS major, juts a hobbyist. I've never needed to differentiate between public and private methods in php.
  9. Cygnus_X

    [web] PHP bug?

    I'm not as familiar with PHP classes as I should be, but I believe you've missed a fundamental step. Maybe try replaceing: Test::v2('t', false); with $MyTest = new Test; $MyTest::v2('t', false); or with $MyTest = new Test; $MyText->v2('t', false); The latter is what I use. From my undestanding, -> would call a child class function whereas :: calls the parent function. If there is no parent, perhaps they are equivalent statements.. I've just always used ->. Also, I've written tons of classes this way and have never had a problem.
  10. Cygnus_X

    Newbie Help.. Realistic Goals

    I would recommend PHP for this. PHP is many times easier to code than Java and can do everything you wish to accomplish (unless you want lots of graphics and animation). Also, there are several php games you may want to try before making your own. My friend runs which is quite fun. I'm building, which is another bbg just as you described. There is also Vampire wars, mafia wars, and all sorts of other games are quite popular and I believe use PHP technology.
  11. Ah dyslexia..... the arch nemesis to late night programming
  12. I'm in the midst of building a browser based game, though not for iphone or droid. I hope to announce early beta testing on this forum within the next 2 months. My experience says its easier to build a userbase via a standard website, which is why I have decided not to pursue the phone route yet. But yes, this is a good idea in theory. If you decide to pursue this, you will need to be aware that there are many design pitfalls with BBGs. I highly suggest you play as many of these as you can, pinpoint what you like and dislike, then design your system accordingly. PM me if you want a more specific discussion.
  13. The math behind attribute distribution systems is riddled with problems. Either one stat is better than the rest, and players will stack the vast majority of their points in that stat, or, all stats are equal, and points get spread around evenly. This is especially true in PvP type games. However, there are many games that employ this system that are very successful. The main question you need to ask yourself is 'do I want my players to be able to distribute attribute points?' And I think the answer to this question is 'yes'. Here is why. As designers, we want to positively reward the player as often as possible. When attributes are given out upon leveling up, not only does the player get rewarded by the excitement of leveling up, but they also get points to spend that are semi-difficult to come by (time has to be invested). Spending these points is 'fun' for the user, so even if the distribution has little to no effect on gameplay (or the assignment is forced based on item requirements such as in Diablo), the player still enjoys spending and 'believes' that they are making critical decisions that determine their success in the game. Two of the key aspects of good game design is rewarding the player often and allowing them to make decisions that appear to impact their success. Attribute distribution systems have this, which is why so many successful games have it as a design element.
  14. Cygnus_X

    [web] Starting a webpage

    What hosting company do you use? Many of them have pre-made templates for your disposal that can probably meet your needsl. Beyond that, Jamoola, Drupal, WordPress, and many other installs are viable options that can speed up your website design. On another note, I am somewhat curious as to how you can be qualified to give game design tutorials, but do not know how to make a webpage?
  15. Cygnus_X

    [web] PostbackURL

    Have you ever seen a url with the ?id=4 is a '$_GET' variable in php basically, you could write the following in your index.php file <?php global $_GET; echo $_GET['id']; ?> this would print the value 4 to your website Of course, fancier operations involving database storage could be done here... but thats another topic.
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