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  1. Hello Can anyone please post a list of various sources for learning tools development for games for c# programmers ? Thanks Spiffy
  2. spiffy

    Executive summary tips

    Thanks everyone for their great comments. I do understand the saturation in the industry but I would like to atleast try to pitch the idea to the VCs and other investors. Afterall 1-2 weeks of business plan preparation wont affect me much anyways. Regarding the presentation, I would like to recieve some more pointers on how it can be effectively run and told.
  3. I am currently in the process of writing up a business plan for a start-up game development studio looking to get VC funding. I am in the phase of writing up the Executive summary. - How long should it be ? - What all should go in there ( For ex. Mission,Market,Management,Exit Stratergy,The offer etc) Thanks
  4. spiffy

    Game engine suggestions

    Torque is good for those who dont have much c++/dx/GL experience..our team is good thus they want full control over the engine and not just through scripting. We have a fairly good budget on licensing the technology..any idea how much Gamebryo is?
  5. Hello We are a startup indie-game studio, developing a RTS title in Austin,TX . We are looking to license a gaming/render engine to speed up the development . What would you recommend ? I have contacted Gamebryo already but they havent got back yet. Whats your stance on c4,Truevision etc Spiffy
  6. spiffy

    External texture on X File Model

    Hey The easiest method for external textures in a .x file is open it up in notepad, look for the tga/bmp/png whatever and replace the path. You can also use tools like Deepexploration( which help alot! cheers spiffy
  7. can anyone post a list of available 3d rts engines? Thanks
  8. spiffy

    Video playback

    Directshow AVI is probably your best bet. Here is some sample code it plays mp3s and avis :) // MP3.h ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // File: mp3.h // // Author: Sangam Gupta // // Creation Date: August 13,2004 // // Purpose: The mp3 class for directshow ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #include <windows.h> #include <dshow.h> #pragma comment(lib,"Strmiids.lib") #pragma comment(lib,"Quartz.lib") class Mp3 { private: IBaseFilter * pif; IGraphBuilder * pigb; IMediaControl * pimc; IMediaEventEx * pimex; bool ready; public: Mp3(); ~Mp3(); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Function: Load() // // Last Modified: August 12,2004 // // Purpose: Loads the file ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void Load(LPSTR filename); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Function: Cleanup() // // Last Modified: August 12,2004 // // Purpose: Deletes the mp3 after playing ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void Cleanup(); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Function: Play() // // Last Modified: August 12,2004 // // Purpose: Plays the loaded mp3 ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void Play(); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Function: Pause() // // Last Modified: August 12,2004 // // Purpose: Pauses the playing ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void Pause(); ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Function: Stop() // // Last Modified: August 12,2004 // // Purpose: stopss the playing ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void Stop(); }; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // File: mp3.cpp // // Author: Sangam Gupta // // Creation Date: August 13,2004 // // Purpose: The Main cpp which plays mp3's using DirectShow ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // MP3.cpp #include "Mp3.h" Mp3::Mp3() { pif = NULL; pigb = NULL; pimc = NULL; pimex = NULL; ready = false; CoInitialize(NULL); } Mp3::~Mp3() { Cleanup(); } void Mp3::Cleanup() { CoUninitialize(); if (pimc) pimc->Stop(); if(pif) { pif->Release(); pif = NULL; } if(pigb) { pigb->Release(); pigb = NULL; } if(pimc) { pimc->Release(); pimc = NULL; } if(pimex) { pimex->Release(); pimex = NULL; } } void Mp3::Load(LPSTR szFile) { WCHAR wFile[MAX_PATH]; MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, szFile, -1, wFile, MAX_PATH); if (SUCCEEDED(CoCreateInstance( CLSID_FilterGraph, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, IID_IGraphBuilder, (void **)&this->pigb))) { pigb->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaControl, (void **)&pimc); pigb->QueryInterface(IID_IMediaEventEx, (void **)&pimex); if (SUCCEEDED(pigb->RenderFile(wFile, NULL))) { ready = true; } } } void Mp3::Play() { if (ready) { pimc->Run(); } } void Mp3::Pause() { if (ready) { pimc->Pause(); } } void Mp3::Stop() { if (ready) { pimc->Stop(); } }
  9. spiffy

    Shader question

    Yeah I am using all 7 textures at a time
  10. I am trying to implement normal mapping on my whole level which uses about 7 texture files. Do I have to render the level 7 times for each pass per texture or is there a better way to do it? Thanks
  11. spiffy

    Realistic Lighting

    Thanks I'll work on some shaders and keep you guys updated.
  12. I 've been trying to get realistic lighting to get on like a level...which is setup in a house backyard. adding just one directional light doesnt help at all.. What do you guys recommend?
  13. spiffy

    .x with maya

    ah crap dunno why it posted as Anonymous
  14. Hey do I have to do any special things to load meshes exported with maya? I exported a mesh from 3ds and it loads in perfectly in my application. Anything I export with maya and load in my application doesnt loads at all.
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