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  1. SymLinked

    Windows 7 Pro Or Windows 10 Pro?

    I think Windows 10 is fine if you disable the telemetry-trash and Windows Update (which force-rebooted me in the middle of a gaming session). It still does quirky things from time to time, but Windows 7 did too.
  2. SymLinked

    Did you know GDNet turned 17 today?

    And a few years before that, was the time of creating your own software renderer. There was no OpenGl 1.2.1 or DirectX 7, you had to make the games yourself, like a real game dev. But yeah, I don't know where all the time has gone. :)
  3. SymLinked

    How Would You Reconnect with Old Friends

    So you want to reconnect with friends you previously 'dumped' because... your life is slow? 
  4. SymLinked

    Two or more monitors

    I agree, the UE4 editor feels very cramped with only one monitor. I keep the main window on the center monitor, blueprint/editor on left and content browser on the right. I couldn't imagine working without three monitors.
  5. I've been driving cars with manual transmission for the last 10 years, but recently opted for an automatic one. My guess is I'll never go back to manual transmission again, it's such a huge leap in comfort. Where I live (Sweden) manual transmissioned cars are more common and are easier to sell, but automatics are getting more and more common as a luxuary option. I've also heard that you're less of a good person if you drive automatics. ;)   Edit: Keep in mind you'll have trouble selling your car (in the U.S) in the future if you buy a manual transmissioned one.
  6. No, instead we see them violate the Swedish border with their transponders shut off. The Russian jets are more aggressive (and almost caused a collision with a civilian airliner) but that doesn't make the first violation any less severe.
  7. SymLinked

    About the Windows 10 spying issue...

    At least your virus checker (supposedly) gives you some kind of value.
  8. SymLinked

    What's the success of MOBA's and MMORPG's?

    If by MMORPG you mean World of Warcraft, then perhaps.   I wouldn't say MOBAs are horizontal, they still (usually) have levels and in most of the cases you have to level up to be able to use better spells or skills, like the ultimate in Dota, LoL e.t.c. Besides, most of the MOBAs have fixed choices in terms of spells and skills anyway.   That's why these abbrevations don't help much, they're too broad and you can't draw many conclusions from them.
  9. SymLinked

    Refugee Crisis In Germany Of Epic Proportions

    I'm really curious, how do you know "many" will return home? I can only speak for Europe but this isn't how it turned out after the balkan wars ended, to pick one example.
  10. What I don't understand, though, is why this attitude seems to be pretty much unique to Windows users?   I'm not sure I've ever heard a Mac user complain because Apple *added* a feature to their OS (though they complain pretty damn loudly when features are taken away). Occasionally iOS users bitch about icons they can't remove from their homescreen, but that's more a screen real estate issue than that they object to the feature being on their device.   What are you talking about? I don't think anyone claims Windows shouldn't contain new features. People just want to have the option to uninstall these extra features, just like you appreciate the ability to uninstall the preinstalled McAffee. You know.. "Not all features add value (or perhaps more politically correct: they don't add value for everyone)". ;) But yeah I know, it's completely different when you happen to like the feature and other people don't.
  11. Funny how people call someone's opinion bullshit as soon as they disagree.   I don't see why the discussed components couldn't be optional. There's no reason they couldn't be. 
  12. SymLinked

    VS 2015 is here

    I've heard that Intellisense should have been greatly improved. I never thought it worked in the first place so that doesn't say much, but has anyone actually tried the latest version of 2015?
  13. SymLinked

    Are you the "From Scratch" type?

    But what does it really mean? From scratch.. what? Lots of you claim to do everything from scratch, but then mention OpenGL, DirectX or even SDL. 
  14. SymLinked

    What's your job and dream?

    Nothing will automatically make you happy if there are other factors in your life which make you miserable. This isn't unique to wealth.
  15. SymLinked

    Am I crazy for wanting to switch from Ue4 to Unity?

    What exactly are you changing so many times that the recompilation time (which is many magnitudes shorter for me) becomes a problem? If you're changing gameplay variables, these should be in blueprint and exposed to the editor to cut down on iteration time.
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