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  1. Any old school members still around?

    I've been around these parts for a while... hehe.
  2. Books C++

    Doesn't really matter what book you get as your first...just be sure to type in the sample code and compile and run it for each chapter. Then after it compiles and works modify it a bit to do something different. You can't really learn much just from reading...you need to actually type the code in and run it.
  3. Where are all the SDL books?

    I have the book Programming Linux Games and it has a full chapter on SDL. Shows what a lot of the important functions do and even runs you through making a small SDL demo.
  4. 80's music guru's

    Nope, not a police song.
  5. 80's music guru's

    I'm pretty sure it was machine and it was recorded in the 80's for sure. It was a clean version from cd master.
  6. 80's music guru's

    Not Molly Hatchet...more 80's pop-like. Thanks though.
  7. 80's music guru's

    Yeah, you're probably right. Sorry about that.
  8. 80's music guru's

    Yeah I know...I was kinda laughing when I googled for the lyrics and it returned this thread.
  9. 80's music guru's

    None of those but I remembered the melody today. It goes: do do do da da do do do. kinda hard to go by that but it just came back to me today. Couldn't remember any of the other lyrics though.
  10. 80's music guru's

    Nope isn't any of those. Thanks though.
  11. 80's music guru's

    Thanks guys but those aren't it either. It does however sound like it could be a new order song. I listened to some of their stuff on amazon and it does seem to be the same style that this song had. Still the only main characteristic sticking out in my mind is the girl that would say a few words that would get distorted and that was the closest thing it had to a chorus. The lead singer's voice never had any of the weird distortion.
  12. 80's music guru's

    It isn't that song. Thanks for trying though. It's just weird...like I haven't heard the song lately before so that's why it is stumping me. I mean it has just one single guy in it singing and then a girl in what I would call the chorus of the song even though she only says one or two words and then are mumbled and messed up kinda.
  13. 80's music guru's

    I heard a song on the radio today and unfortunately they never said the name of the artist. I know that part of the lyrics went: "I know that its time now that I find somebody (someone) new." This is really the only part I could remember. It really didn't have a distinguished chorus. Although there was a lady that would sing a sentence or 2 and her voiced sounded weird and almost distorted. It sounded kinda like pet shop boys or depeche mode. It was a dance song. It had a pretty fast tempo. I think it mostly talked about breaking up and finding somebody else. If anybody has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  14. is this a good book

    Not sure if that book is the best but you might just want to start with one like the poster above stated. Also, you should check out our Books Section sometimes.
  15. Java Question

    Did you make sure you have the lines import javax.swing at the top of your file Where it would be something like import javax.swing.JPanel; Maybe you just happened to leave those out.
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