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  1. I don't know if this is the best way but it works for me. For static text, i build the texture in memory and then load that as a texture and render the text string as one quad. Any type of input text, i have a toggle that allows me to choose between the method mentioned above or rendering each character as a separate quad. If the text is dynamic though, ie can change, build the texture in memory would require unloading the old texture and loading the new texture in its place. Based on the video card, this might be a performance hit, not sure though. Anyone one else have any thoughts.
  2. AlekM

    Visual Studio CVS

    I've always liked this tool. Its not integrated with an IDE, but I prefer it that way. SmartCVS
  3. AlekM

    My kind of database

    You might be able to use this library: http://www.sqlite.org/ The library is not natively written in C# but I assume with the DLL you should be able to use it thru RCW. - Alek
  4. AlekM

    More advanced CVS tools

    Subversion is good, but CVS has been around a long time and is a very strong product. I don't think thats what this person asked as they would have the same problem using Subversion. A tool I use for CVS and Subversion is SmartCVS and SmartSVN. It has an amazing merge/diff tool and a nice UI to show history and changes. Its well worth looking into. SmartCVS - Alek
  5. AlekM

    [web] web host

    I've been using GoDaddy for my hosting. They have a lot of upgrade options if your site becomes larger than you expected. But for 9.95 a month, I can get 10 mysql db's, 1 sqlserver db, php/perl, 2GB disk space, 100GB bandwidth. 500 email accounts. If you purchase a hosting account, any domain is only $3.95 to register. check it out. www.godaddy.com
  6. AlekM

    Inheritance question

    Zip your code or post your class design. You only need the 2 classes. The base and the inherited. Then show us the implementation. Its ok to have a lot of code posted.
  7. I'm a Canadian citizen. I left Ontario at 26 and I have been in the United States for 5 years. Back in Canada, i would have voted for Clinton for both terms. I now have my green card, living in Arizona. If you really want to live in Canada, and you are a US citizen, good luck. You will not last one year. American's do not understand how much Canadians are taxed, and once they live in a country where more than 50 percent of your income goes to the Canadian government, their opinion will start to change. When they realize that they pay 15% gst and pst tax on everything you purchase, their opinion will change. When they realize that they need to be referred by a family practitioner for everything specialty checkup, their opinion will change. When they realize that it takes 3-5 months to schedule a major operation, their opinion will change. When they realize that they will be paying almost 4 dollars a gallon for gas, their opinion will change. When that everything they where used to buying is now double, even triple in price for the same items in the US, their opinion will change. to you americans that want to leave, I wish you best of luck. - Alek
  8. AlekM

    War on terror : rude facts

    Quote:Looking at the education rankings and observing which states appear to be likely to vote for which candidate, there does indeed to be a correlation. The electoral vote site etnu posted isn't there, but I found another here: Actually, if you look at the factors used to determine the rank, it shows that it mainly consists of elementary public school students between the 4th and 8th grades. Your observation and conclusion could be said to be false since it doesn't represent the true voting public, but potentially what it might be in 10 or so years. Factors - Alek
  9. AlekM

    War on terror : rude facts

    Trying to make a point, and you guys proved it enough for me. Thanks
  10. AlekM

    War on terror : rude facts

    Quote: Sept 11, 2001: Described as a bizarre coincidence, a US intelligence agency was all set for an exercise on Sept 11th at 9 AM in which an aircraft would crash into one of its buildings near Washington, DC. [AP, 8/22/02] I searched all 600+ entries for that day by the AP at their web site and there was not one mention of this in any of their articles. Makes me think how many of the other statements that have been made are true... You do not give enough information to rebute your statements. Please provide the author, and the headline so that we can better research all of those statements. Also, how can you make quotes or statements about Dan Rather, and take anything he has said for the truth. His name is smeared across all of america for his fraudulent reporting of the fake memo's about GW's national guard service.
  11. AlekM

    War on terror : rude facts

    I was rated down for comments in a lounge discussion. They should remove the rating system in lounge, otherwise, you will not get conversations like these. There is no harm in discussing these issues, especially when the election is less than a week away. _+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ On a side note: Michael Moore made some statements at his last rally in Penn State University late last week. It appears that a lady protestor in the crowd stood up and yelled that "her brother is in Iraq fighting for our freedom". Michaels reply, "I hope he gets shot in the head!". _+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ In other news, a group of thugs broke into a republican headquarters and trashed, vandalized the office. _+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ In other news, Michael Moore recieved 30,000.00 to speak at Penn State, while Mike Gallagher was able to raise 76,000.00 for gift box donations to the troops fighting in Iraq. _+_+_+_+_+_+_+_ some helpful links Atrocities of Saddam Hussein Some Oil For Food Links for you to read Probe hurting United Nations UN Oil For Food Scandal
  12. AlekM

    War on terror : rude facts

    Take a look at where Iraq is positioned on this map: Map of Middle East As far as I can see, the American's have done the best thing possible to defend their country in a time of war against terror. America is only hours away from the ability to deploy a strategic attack on any of the neighboring countries. In IRAQ, they have hospitals, airports, bases, access to the water ways(Persian Gulf, etc), and an endless amount of oil to fuel their campagne. This was a strategic move by the American's. They killed 3 birds with one stone. 1) Removed Saddam from power, 2) Created an american base in middle of the war on Terror, 3.) diverted direct attacks against the US by bringing the battle to them. Were would you like America to defend if another attack was to happen? Should they wait until the death toll numbers start to rise again? Or should they take a stand NOW! It is easy to stand by and watch as others defend our freedom. It is easy to sit in a coffee shop and drink our cafe lates and critize the efforts of our troops and our soldiers. I have a lot of respect for our military and I believe in our efforts in Iraq. Charles, I read over your first post, and I found not one proof of evidence that what is said is true. They are all statements and we can all make opinionated statements. 1.) What if the taliban chief you are soo talking about was able to lead the american forces to the capture of other terrorits and their cells? Do you not think that he would not have been tracked. I would think this would be a no brainer. Again, can't prove it one way or the other. We are not priviledged to such information. Quote:Bin Laden is in Pakistan, in the tribal zone, as nearly any specialist suspects 2.) Who are these specialists that you refer too? How do you not know that we have not already asked our allies to capture him. As far as I remember, there have been a lot of skirmishes between Pakistan and taliban rebels in the mountains. Again, hmmmm. 3.) Please give me the name and detail of the private firms in the US that have dealings with Saudi's. How about researching how much money france was able to skim off the top of the oil for food program. Wait, no mention about that in here. Maybe that was why France didn't want to go into Iraq in the first place, they had special interests. 4.) Please give me the names of the 5 hijackers you speak of. Again, some statements, no facts. - Alek
  13. AlekM

    soo slow (3 seconds a frame!)

    You can check out this game here at www.datarealms.com
  14. AlekM

    GDNet Poll: Who won the debate?

    Bush won the debate last night, two hands down. He was strong, direct and to the point. Kerry embarrassed himself. As far as people saying that Kerry was better prepared, take a look at both Bush's and Kerry's 2 week schedule leading up to the debate. Bush was still doing his job as President. Kerry was applying a fake tan. As far as the debate was concerned, Kerry didn't pass the 'Global Test'.
  15. AlekM


    Your microsoft solution file does not include the snake.cpp in its build. So the file never gets compiled and linked into the executable, hence the reason why you get the unresolved symbols. Add snake.cpp to your project files and recompile. It should fix all of your problems. - Alek
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