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  1. Koroljov

    Tribute to a real man.

    Google defines apocryhal.
  2. Koroljov

    A cute, short, blasphemous 2D Platformer

    I think it is a good game. I have found a "bug". Using the right shift key as attack button, I was unable to fly to the left, and attacking at the same time. I tried to use another botton, near the right shift button, and I used that button that you can use to get a menu (just like the right mouse button). When I restart the game after having done that, it crashes. It sais: Couldn't parse KB mapping of in DIOBJECT::GetKeyMapCode() File:.\dilib.cpp line 825
  3. Koroljov

    [java] Transient

    There are no function pointers in java (except if you mean java.lang.reflect.Method).
  4. Koroljov

    Heightmap Generation through The Gimp

    The "solid noise" filter. (filters->renderen->clouds->solid noise. Propably filters->render->clouds->solid noise in the English version).
  5. Java never makes an exact bitwise copy of an object. Objects are always passed by reference, primitive types are always passed by value.
  6. As anonymous poster 1 said, if the Cartoon-class is a Component that is added to the JFrame, you can get the JFrame by doing something like this: Component comp=this; while(comp.getParent()!=null) { comp=comp.getParent(); } (obviousely this can only be done after the Cartoon is added to the JFrame using getContentPane().add(theCartoon) in the GraphicApp)
  7. Koroljov


    You can acces the parent page using "opener" ... opener.theColor=someColor; ...
  8. Koroljov

    [java] applet + mysql

    You propably need to "sign" it in order to allow it to acces the jdbc driver. Applets have a very strict security manager.
  9. Koroljov

    Elliptical orbits in space as function of time

    Keplers law: A line joining a planet/comet and the Sun sweeps out equal areas in equal intervals of time. (see Thus if you can find a function that gives the area in function of the angle, even better find one that gives the angle in function of the area, you can say: in A time, it sweeps B area, thus after A*C time, it must have swept B*C area. Then you can calculate the angle, and from the angle, you can find the position. (If there is no closed analytical solution to this, then I must be wrong somewhere.)
  10. No I don't have such examples. (by the way,I hope you're in an other time zone than I). What would you need? A large boolean array, or maybe you could use a java.util.BitSet. boolean[] bits=new boolean[256]; I do not know much about turing machines. Are the instructions coded in the same array, or are the instructions coded somewhere else? Anyway, I suppose you'll need some code to parse instructions.
  11. use InputStream in=(new URL("name of the file")).openStream(); use int; to read a byte. (don't forget to inport* and*) (and don't forget to catch exceptions); What does the GUI of a turing machine looks like? Can't you just print all the information with System.out.print("something");?
  12. Koroljov

    How would you like to be proven wrong?

    I change my mind when I lose a discussion.
  13. You added the controls on a separate JPanel, and you put the JPanel in the JApplet, right? And then you draw the animation on the JApplet, right? Then your controls are still in the same Container as your animation, and therefore you draw over your controls. You really should make a class extends JPanel, override its paint and update methods, and use it to display your animation. Then you can put the controls and the animation JPanel in the JApplet.
  14. Koroljov

    free chess ai?

    There is a nice article about chess AI on gamedev... Aha here it is
  15. Put the animation in a separate JPanel. Don't put the controls in the panel that you use to paint your animation on.
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