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  1. Sounds good.  Thanks for the help!
  2. Hello,   According to the docs, when the device is initialized a default command queue is created.  How do I access that default command queue?  The samples all create new ones with CreateCommandQueue.   Thank you.
  3. While looking at some code, I've seen handle id's for things like textures and entities stored as: struct Handle {   uint32_t id; }; What's the benefit of storing the id in a struct like that as opposed to something like: typedef uint32_t Handle; For example, I see handles defined in structs here and here   Thanks!    
  4. chadmv

    directxmath osx/linux?

    Thanks!  Maybe I'll just go with GLM since my project needs to be cross-platform and it seems to work out of the box.
  5. Would directxmath.h work on osx/linux with OpenGL?  I know there's the difference in normalized device coordinates but is there anything in the API that restricts it to Windows?   Thanks!     Edit:   I'm guessing these preprocessor directives would prevent it from running on the other platforms: #if !defined(_XM_BIGENDIAN_) && !defined(_XM_LITTLEENDIAN_) #if defined(_M_AMD64) || defined(_M_IX86) || defined(_M_ARM) #define _XM_LITTLEENDIAN_ #elif defined(_M_PPCBE) #define _XM_BIGENDIAN_ #else #error DirectX Math does not support this target #endif #endif // !_XM_BIGENDIAN_ && !_XM_LITTLEENDIAN_
  6. I was getting those.  Make sure you are releasing everything you create.  I was getting them because I forgot to release the adapters I queried from EnumAdapters and the output I queried from the adapter. 
  7. I used Maya 2008 to export the file so that shouldn't be a problem.
  8. It exports and plays just fine for me: Are you doing export all? If you just select the cylinder with export selected, it will just export the cylinder and not the bones that are driving it.
  9. chadmv

    cvXporter / animations

    Are you using version 1.2? If so email me your maya file at and I'll work out whats going on.
  10. Hi all, Since I've gotten a lot of emails requesting an update to my exporter, I finally got around to actually updating it. It's been converted to Python with numerous bug fixes and optimizations. Since it's in Python, it only works with Maya 8.5 and above. It also comes with full source code. Check it out!
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I'll work on updating the plugin to support multiple uv sets. I'll also need to compile a version for 64 bit. They should be up in the next couple of weeks.
  12. Which version of the DX Viewer are you using? Because I know that the most recent one doesn't support it's own default shaders which are version 1_1. If you can get an older version of the DX Viewer (like Oct 2006) then it should work. In the future I want to add support for fx files so the x files are not dependent on the default shaders in the DX Viewer.
  13. I haven't received any other problem reports besides the one above. Anyone else having problems?
  14. Yes I plan to add support for effects in the future. Also, about the error message loading the plugin, check out this thread: Try grabbing those dll's and see if that works.
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