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  1. I'm learning light probes used for dynamic global illumination. I have a question regarding the placement of light probes, as based on most of the pictures I have seen, they seem to be placed uniformly in a grid. Is that a reasonable way for placement? I feel that more should be placed in corners than in the middle of an area. is there any research on light probe placement that minimize the overall data needed for rendering? this GDC talk http://twvideo01.ubm-us.net/o1/vault/gdc2012/slides/Programming%20Track/Cupisz_Robert_Light_Probe_Interpolation.pdf mentioned irregular placement on tetrahedrons and how to do interpolation. but it doesn't seem to say much about placement itself. this paper http://melancholytree.com/thesis.pdf mentioned that only one probe is needed in a convex shape, but I don't seem to see people do this, is it because this is only for static global illumination without moving objects? what's the the latest development in light probe placement?
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