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  1. Looking for a RPG rule set

    [quote name='Khaiy' timestamp='1302286505' post='4796052'] You cannot use a rule set for a pen and paper in a commercially released game without being explicitly authorized to do so. Game systems in pen and paper games are copyrighted, and a company is not likely to give a random person permission to use it-- particularly not for free.[/quote] Yeah, I expected that. But there must be some free rules sets available, I think... but where? [quote]In your position, I might come up with a very simple set of rules on my own and build on it as my vision for the design takes shape.[/quote] I am already stuck at "Who is next is this round?" based von Agility ...
  2. Looking for a RPG rule set

    I would like to release that game, of course. Preferably as Open Source For the beginning I need system rules and (very) later some abilities.
  3. Hi, I want to implement my first small 2D RPG. I am not a trained game designer, so I thought taking an already done rule set. [url="http://www.homebrew.net/games/"]Here[/url] are a lot of Pen & Paper RPG rules, however I dont think they form a good basis for a computer RPG. I am looking for something turn-based, like the Fallout-games, maybe with some special skills for the characters or without the talking stuff. So what can you recommend? I am not sure if I am allowed to buy any rule set book and move that to the computer? Seems like I would get into trouble doing that...
  4. RPG Classes

    [quote name='Dwarf King' timestamp='1302090195' post='4794991'] Oi! I am [size="2"]The Ninja Master! Nice little test by the way [/size] [/quote] Me too! Great tests!
  5. [C++] vector and references: What is wrong?

    [quote name='Promethium' timestamp='1298903483' post='4780094'] "r = *result2;" does not do what I think you think it does. Since r is a reference this will copy result2 into r, replacing whatever is in the vector r is a reference to. You can not reassign a reference, if you need that you should use a pointer instead. [/quote] Ooouuuuh, that explains everything. Did not know, that one can not reassign references. [quote name='Dan Mayor' timestamp='1298906621' post='4780113'] However may I suggest that you turn this whole solution into an object? Will make it much easier to have an object with internal lists of results that you can just pass the entire object around.[/quote] I am not sure what you mean... the example code above is ripped from a big source, which is a little bit different than the example, but shows the same problem. Thank you, both of you
  6. Hi, I have basically this code: [code] #include <vector> #include <iostream> using namespace std; void prepareResults(vector<int> *result1, vector<int> *result2) { vector<int> &r = *result1; if(result2 != NULL) { r = *result2; } r.resize(10); for(int j=0; j < 10; ++j) { r[j] = -j; } } void getResults(vector<int> *results) { // works prepareResults(results, NULL); // no results vector<int> localResults; prepareResults(&localResults, results); } int main() { vector<int> results; getResults(&results); cout << results.size() << " results." << endl; return 0; } [/code] What I dont understand is: The second function call gives: "0 results." But why? Is it not allowed to re-assign references once they have a valid value? Replacing that reference to r by a pointer makes the program work. Thanks, Enrico
  7. Hi, why dont you use models from a game or one of the mods? E.g. Doom 3, Quake 4, etc.
  8. Quote:Original post by agm_ultimatex Yeah if you don't want to use anything that requires an additional install, HTML5 Canvas and JS is your only option. I suggest having a look here: http://chromeexperiments.com there's a couple examples of games there. Interesting, thanks! :) Do you know any resources related to browser game development specifically? I tried to find any books, but there are only books for Silverlight, Flash, etc.
  9. Quote:Original post by Kalnos Unity would be a good tool worth checking out, it allows for C#, javascript, and Boo scripting. If you go to their forums there are lots of examples of free web games that have been developed using the software. Ah, no plugins. I think those games are made without Unity or Panda3D or similar plugins. Maybe javascript + x?
  10. Hi, when I want to make a game like Farmville what technologies should I look into? Besides Flash, I want to stay as much as possible on any standards... Thanks, Enrico
  11. Need help picking a 3D game engine

    You can replace ODE with Bullet in Panda3D. The community is quite small, the documentation so far is okay. I am making a small 2D-Shooter with it. Some things are straightforward and easy, others are not. This goes hand in hand with the documentation: The manual gives you a few basic steps. Then it is expected you go by yourself through all the examples and learn from them. Lots of information can (and should be) gathered from the forums. One more advantage of Panda3D: The web plugin allows you to play your games in a browser :) I still need to test and try out some things: - Frame Time for 3D scenes and games with physics and AI - Asset Pipeline - Level Editing Those things should work, as Panda3D was used to make several commercial games. So far I do not regret my choice, as I have basically the same requirements as you have ;-) The second engine on my list was python-ogre: The compilation on !Windows-system is okayish and you have access to all of Ogre's functionality. Oh, compilation time and space requirements is huuuuge. I have not used it much, as I have lots of different problems with running any of the python-ogre demos under Linux (or build problems or linker problems or ... problems). With Ogre you have some more mature tools and exporters, which might be an advantage (but see above).
  12. Ray Tracing Books

    Physically Based Rendering is just great =)
  13. There is one thing obvious: do not allocate and free memory each frame! Instead, allocate a fixed number of for verts and text at the beginning of your program and free it at the end. The number of entries can be determined by a) Monitoring the usage and set a maximum or b) use a std::vector.
  14. Post from Germany

    Willkommen in Deutschland! :-) Where are you going to work/live?
  15. Post from Germany

    Willkommen in Deutschland! :-) Where are you going to work/live?
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