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    What is OutpostHD? OutpostHD is a game inspired by OUTPOST that adds the missing advertised features, improves gameplay mechanics by removing a lot of the unnecessary and tedious micro management, interface choices that make a lot more sense, an enhanced research tree and a planned but as of yet undeveloped multiplayer mode. The core of the project is to provide a fun OUTPOST game that has all of the advertised features and provides better feedback for things like resource lines, mining/factory/laboratory reports and colonist opinion/morale. Project Goals Primary Goals Develop a new, modern code base that can be built and run on multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Implement the core gameplay mechanics from OUTPOST Provide a better interface from which the user can get better feedback from their Colony. Add the ability to establish new colonies on the same planet. Secondary Goals Develop new visuals to replace the old graphics using modern rendering procedures and alpha transparency (something impossible at the time the original game was built). Add additional planet and star types. Tertiary Goals Implement a multiplayer mode where other users can establish colonies on the same planet or different planets/moons within the same star system. What Platforms are supported? OutpostHD is primarily developed on Windows but will run on macOS X and Linux (has been built and successfully run on Arch and Ubuntu flavors). Is the Source Code available? Yes, most definitely. Source code is hosted on GitHub.
  2. leeor_net

    Brain Dead Simple Game States

    I disagree. I suppose it depends on how you set up your particular game but in the projects that I work in I have a similar system in place and each individual 'state' responds to input on its own. There is an EventHandler that processes events from the system and translates them into a list of events to which the states respond (e.g., mouse/keyboard input, window events, system events, etc.)
  3. leeor_net

    Writing Endian Independent Code in C++

      Yes, all of the PowerPC-based consoles are big-endian (Xbox360, PS3, Wii).     Good point. I'm not a console developer so I never considered the case of consoles, only computing platforms (PC's and Mac's) and common mobile platforms.
  4. leeor_net

    Writing Endian Independent Code in C++

    As interesting as this article is (and it really is interesting with good information), is byte ordering actually still an issue today on modern platforms? As I understand it just about everything is in LSB ordering (x86, ARM, etc.). Or are there popular devices with cross-platform applications where this can still be an issue?   EDIT: Just answered my own question -- turns out it could still be relevant particularly when it comes to network traffic and legacy file formats. As I understand it network byte ordering is still big-endian so that ought to come into play when considering endianness issues. It also appears that Oracle's byte ordering is also big-endian which may play into how it handles files (don't use java much so someone more experienced could fill that in).
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    Album for OutpostHD
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    Album for NAS2D
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