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  1. SouthernMunk

    3D Model Animation

    I've heard that the two main methods of 3D character animation are skeletal animation and vertex mesh animation. Could someone explain to me what they think the strengths and weaknesses are of each of these? I'll be using blender to create the models if that helps.
  2. SouthernMunk

    C++ Exception Handling

    One of the things I am concerned about is at which levels should exceptions be thrown and caught, as they can be thrown/caught within a single function, or they can be thrown within a function to be caught by another function somewhere way up the call stream. At which level(s) of a solution do you think exceptions should be thrown?
  3. SouthernMunk

    C++ Exception Handling

    So you should only throw exceptions when something unexpected occurs. That makes sense to me. But how do you decide what to throw? For example, couldn't you always throw std::exception's using the constructor that allows a c-style string as input? That way it becomes easier to log the error without any unnecessary exception classes and hierarchies.
  4. SouthernMunk

    C++ Exception Handling

    As an extention to the OP, is there any reason you should inherit from std::exception, and can you give an example of why you should do so?
  5. SouthernMunk

    C++ and Automatic Variables

    Sweet - I think I'll declare the entire class as extern so I don't have two individual statements. That way I won't forget that there's a variable declared by default. // C.h extern class C{...} *pC; // C.cpp C *pC; Thanks for the help.
  6. SouthernMunk

    C++ and Automatic Variables

    Quote:Original post by ToohrVyk The problem you are encountering stemps from defining multiple global variables with the same name, simply because you included a given definition in several translation units. OK, but since I use #pragma once and #ifndef's around my header, shouldn't it only be included in the project once, and hence the symbols are only defined once?
  7. SouthernMunk

    C++ and Automatic Variables

    So is the following correct if I wanted a single variable of type C available to all parts of the program that #include "C.h": // C.h class C{...}; extern C *pC; // C.cpp C *pC; // main.cpp #include "C.h" int main() { pC = new C(); delete pC; return 0; }
  8. How do you declare an automatic variable with C++? class C { ... } MyC, *pC; Is the above correct? I'm doing this so that I can #include a logging class and have instant access to it. EDIT: When I do the above, I always get LNK2005 errors - "[variable] already defined in xxx.obj". Any suggestions? EDIT: The above is when I declare a pointer. class C {} *pC; When I declare a variable I get C2248 errors. ? [Edited by - SouthernMunk on August 25, 2006 5:51:45 AM]
  9. SouthernMunk

    Logging Issues

    Hey, I'm trying to decide what approach to take with logging events on a program I'm working on, and there's heaps of possible options I could choose. Should I use a global object, a singleton class, or redirect cout/cerr/clog? Where should I store string messages? In a string table resource, as variables of a class, loaded from a file? What return values should I use - booleans for simplicity of logging (e.g. just "Success" or "Failure"), some sort of custom RESULT class, or through using exceptions?
  10. SouthernMunk

    C++ Library Includes

    Just including it in the project via the #pragma preprocessor directive. #pragma comment(lib, "mylib.lib")
  11. SouthernMunk

    C++ Library Includes

    It happens when I compile the project (not the lib). It is an unresolved external symbol that is a member of the new class. Also, the class wraps up a bunch of time functions. However, Whidbey's autocomplete feature lists a "GetTickCount" member of the class, when there is no such thing? WTF?
  12. SouthernMunk

    C++ Library Includes

    OK, I've added a class to my .lib file and now I'm getting link errors. Could someone point me in the right direction to figure this out? EDIT: MSVC++ Express 05 - the error is LNK2019 unresolved external symbol. I don't get it as I can't see what I'm doing different.
  13. SouthernMunk

    C++ Library Includes

    There's no option for that in Express. Is there a project setting? I can't seem to find it. EDIT: Found it. Thanks. :)
  14. SouthernMunk

    C++ Library Includes

    How do you compile the project into a library? That seems like a viable option! :D EDIT: Using VC++ Express 05, just so you know.
  15. I've just finished (hopefully) my wrapper for the Windows API in C++ (window classes, windows, menus, networking and threading), and I was just trying it in a completely separate project. However, I'm getting linking errors because the main include file includes other header files and not the .cpp files, so the compiler gets all the class/function prototypes but not their definitions. Should I simply include "file.cpp" instead of "file.h" in the main library header, or is there a better way?
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