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  1. just curious...

    That wasn't an insult...
  2. Advertising isn't news dammit

    So, do you guys (the ones that live there) feel that Australia is pushy with it's laws or not?
  3. just curious...

    It isn't a pyramid scheme. It just advertises something at my website. Leave it to michalson to try and nazi-moderate someone's personal pages...
  4. Help with pacakges and America

    First of all, michalson is a whore. Next, the link wasn't about the iPod or flatscreen thing anyway. It was about a page at my website.
  5. just curious...

    Trouble? How so?
  6. Help with pacakges and America

    Maybe, but it works. ;) I know a guy that got both of them so far. Pretty damn nice too.
  7. Advertising isn't news dammit

    They have BBC in Australia? That is fitting. Did they steal it too?
  8. just curious...

    I am.
  9. Help with pacakges and America

    I'll help you out APC. Just pay the postage and throw in a tip. :) I bet you are trying to get this: FREE IPOD OR FREE FLATSCREEN Am I correct?

    Well, I'm sure a few of you have heard about those free iPod offers and such. Well, the truth is that they can be a pain, but I've come up with a way to make it easier. I have a script that you simply sign up using someone else's link on the list, then you can paste your own link to the page. All the work is done by the script and you don't have to worry about anything. For those that don't know, the free iPod or free flatscreen monitor sites work like this: -Get a link -Try a promotion (cost no money at all) -Get a few people to do the same using your link That is all there is to it. The offers aren't as bad as you might think either. They can be as simple as signing up with ebay and bidding on a single item (not even winning it)! Well, I've tried to cut down the hassle and made a script that you should all enjoy. It shows the people that haven't received all their refers yet, and you click on one of them to sign up. Then, you come back to the script and your link is added so people can do the same for you. A pretty easy way to get a few hundred dollars in hardware. :) For those that think it is a scam: There are tons of pictures of people receiving their iPods and TVs. PROOF So, the stuff actually comes, and it doesn't cost a thing. Why wouldn't you want to get the free stuff? Anyway, here is the page for those that are interested: CONGA LINE!
  11. Full Sail?

    I can tell you that the tuition for Full Sail increases very often. Also, DigiPen seems to whore for Nintendo, which is right around there, if not right across the street.
  12. Yes, it is possible to do this. If you have the original file size and the CRC, then there are only so many possible files of that size that can generate the same CRC. Unfortunately though, this number is so extremely high, that you would spend a great deal of time creating the files to fit the CRC. CRC was meant in a way to take all the similar files, and throw them out across a number line. By spreading out the similar files, CRC can better be used to generate checksums, since a small change in a file will throw the value off. I hope this makes sense, but by scattering the similars, values change more up close for small changes. Odd explanation I know, and if doesn't make sense don't worry. :)
  13. In India

    What is he talking about? All the jobs are going TO india. Sheesh...
  14. Aladdin, Apu, and Genie?
  15. It'll cost you. Send me $20 and you can.