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  1. any suggestion to debug this? have some tools can debug this? Thanks.
  2. thanks for your reply. in your reference article, the present() use too much time is because that it's cpu time. the cpu wait gpu when application is gpu bound. i profile the gpu time, not the cpu time, it's not a same question. about 40ms.
  3. Andrew, looking forward to your SIGGRAPH 2017 Talk. thanks for your share. ps. the gallery pic can't show correctly now, is it because of gamedev revision? have chance to recover it?
  4. recently, i profile my game use the gpu query. i use the method from mjp's blog. everything is fine, except that the present() use too much time, 6-10ms. even my game is gpu bound, this is too much, i don't use vsync. why present() use so much time? Thanks.
  5. @SourceDude22 have you finish it?
  6. temporal aa flickering

    i solve the problem. after taa, get the min depth of current frame and last frame, write to new depth buffer, use this new depth buffer for transparent object depth test. transparent object don't flickering now.
  7. temporal aa flickering

    i want calculate and write the unjittered depth to a render target at the g-buffer pass. and use this unjittered depth buffer as the tranparent object's depth buffer.   has some method to calculate the unjittered depth? thanks.
  8. temporal aa flickering

      but how to calculate and store velocity? transparent object have multi layer.
  9. temporal aa flickering

    thanks. for some reason, i can't use msaa. i will try jorge jimenez's method.   i found another problem, for transparent object, i don't use temporal aa. when draw transparent object, i don't jitter the camera, but the depth buffer is come from the opaque pass which the camera was jittered. so the transparent object will flickering.   how to solve this problem? must apply temporal aa to all object?
  10. temporal aa flickering

      thanks. yet, the tree is sharpening too much, now we have a stencil that can tell which pixel is tree, so it's convenient to control the tree sharpen radius, i will try it.
  11. temporal aa flickering

    i just play the inside, i found it also have the problem of flickering.   [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7844]   look at the lamp, left is dark, right is dark, and center is a narrow vertical bright beam, all this situation will flickering.
  12. temporal aa flickering

    stair flickering but clearly [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7841]     stair smooth but blurry [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7842]
  13. temporal aa flickering

      i will post some screenshoot lately. i check out the inside's shader code, https://github.com/playdeadgames/temporal. it don't have especial code to reduce flickering. i use the blend factor calculate method which the inside use, don't work for me.   add some randomness, yeah, i will try it. thanks.
  14. temporal aa flickering

        thanks for your reply. normally, taa use color space aabb clamp. yet, we can calculate a small blend factor for flickering pixel if the history pixel is near clamp, as i said before, if can't perceived the flickering, this blend factor must be very small, 0.01. but the other pixel's blend factor also decrease, lead to the blurry.   ue4 blurry is acceptable, but if use 0.01 as blend factor, it's too blurry.
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