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  1. tamat

    Dirt Roads

    really nice, they only thing I miss right now on those screenshots are the bushes and some dirt patches spread, and it will be perfect :)
  2. tamat

    Tech Demo Video 2010

    cockpit are always cool, do not remove them pleaseeee
  3. tamat

    ASEToBin 1.0 release

    Great! I know is not your target but are you planning to create a library or an specification to let the people include this models in their engines?
  4. tamat

    Terrain texturing explained

    What about multitexturing for smooth transitions?
  5. tamat

    IBL: Incredibly Bad Luck (tm)

    I swallowed it, like a baby swallows a gummybear. In my defense I have to say that in my country we dont celebrate April's Fool Day.
  6. tamat

    Planetary engine, Part VIII and Motion blur

    Impressive, as always. That is the best motion blur I've seen. Have you check this post? There somebody explains the technologies used by Capcom's engine, and there is a place where they talk about Motion Blur. I think is interesting because in the screenshots the Motion Blur looks really shitty but in the game you never realize, so dont worry about how it looks in a screenshot.
  7. tamat

    Gas giants part II

    Great work, I love it. "you probably won't be able to go deeper in a spaceship anyway:" why not? I find interesting to fight in a blind environment.
  8. tamat

    Planetary textures, website, bump maps, SDD..

    So these textures are not generate proceduraly? whats the point about having base textures instead of proceduraly generates base textures (like in 4kbs demos)? Glad to see so many new updates :)
  9. tamat

    Jpeg 2000

    Well, just check the compresion algorythms of DDS... the colors are totally wasted, if you have gradients then the result will be horrible. Maybe there is a latest DDS internal format I havent check... In the other hand, as Ysaneya said in previous post, he wants to create the mipmaps by hardware (I guess using shaders and renderToTexture, make a post when you can about that) so he dont want to store mipmaps.
  10. tamat

    Jpeg 2000

    IMHO decompressing algorythms for JPG2 will be faster with time as has happened with all other algorythms, when your game is finished probably the Jasper lib will go faster or there would be another one to replace it. And about using JPG or JPG2, well, nobody could stand the JPG artifacts, and going straight to the kind of game you are coding, textures wont come all together at the very same moment, they probably will be loaded one every few seconds or more (at events like a ship entering your area), so I dont think its a problem to have a separate thread loading and decompressing if you can save memory/bandwich and keep a nice quality. But as I say, thats just my humbre opinion.
  11. tamat

    Summary status of the ICP

    Cool stuff, glad to see you are improving further than where other indie developer has been. Just one question, why do you plan to use jpeg2000 instead a format where the mipmaps are enveded? bad quality for dds? Thanks
  12. I think it would be nice to render the patches below the water even when you are over it and using a nice blending function on the water patch to mix them. I love the sea in games like Farcry or Joint Operations when you fly above the water and see the deep blue sea.
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