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  1. If you post the email addresses on a public forum like this, you'll start getting spam quite soon. There are email harvesters that check sites like this. Posting the address on Usenet will REALLY do the trick. Once you have some spam, click on all of them. The next day you'll have ten times as much.
  2. Barring recounts, the Democrats have taken both the House and the Senate. I don't know that we'll be able to say for sure if they have Virginia or Montana for ever a few days. But if the count stands as it is now, that will be the case. They won in Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ohio, Missouri. And likely won in Virginia, and Montana. With eight seats in question they had to run the tables, and did just that, losing only Tennessee. In the House they've picked up 28 seats, with 14 still not clear. Also picked up 6 Governers seats.
  3. Memorium. I don't think I'll ever forget this: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=420949 RunTheShadows won my funniest post of the year award for http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/ViewReply.asp?id=2803661
  4. It doesn't look as creepy or scary as Doom3 to me from the screen shots and the trailer. Quote:AndreTheGiant Is there a demo? Good question. I looked for one, and the reviews indicate there is one, but I can't find it. If anyone would be so kind as to provide a link? Totally Off topic, but uh, why did this get The C modest god banned? He's been our resident spammer for a long time. This seems to be as useful a thread as anything else he's been posting lately.
  5. McCaskill just won Missouri. Ha ha, I'm an idiot. I read though the precinct data wrong. I ended up counting a red district twice, and missing one of the absolute bluest. Sorry Less, you were right about CNN not calling it. They weren't being careful, they just had the real data [ignore]
  6. This is weird, McCaskill is getting higher than expected results in more independant areas. It looks like Missouri is now leaning in her favor afer all. Odd because Democratic turnout seemed too low to allow for this. Montana is still close, leaning very slightly for Tester. Webb has doubled his lead in Virginia. Its now 6,000 votes. Even with Tennessee gone, the Dems still have a shot at the senate after all. Looking at these numbers its close to a 50-50 shot. As of 2am EST Things look better now than they did before the polls opened.
  7. Quote:Original post by LessBread NOTA is good, but leaving offices unfilled isn't necessarily a good thing. I think more movement towards instant runoff voting is needed. I agree 100% but its never gonna happen. This is one issue elected Republicans and Democrats can unite behind, that is saving their own asses. Allowing the secondary vote would add a lot of fuel to 3rd parties. That's something elected Republicans and Democrats don't want to see. If it came to a vote I'd bet it would probably pass in every state in the union. But gathering signatures to get something on the ballot is difficult, without an orginization. And just about any group that could do it has strong ties to just one party, so I don't know how its going to get done. Quote:Original post by Ravuya I've been watching Santorum concede for probably the last two hours. This is great stuff. Huh? I was expecting something very different. That was actually really classy. I gained some respect for Santorum out of that. He handled his defeat like a man. I didn't expect him to say his opponent would do a great job serving the people of Pennsylvania.
  8. I think its cool Ford got so close. Tennessee is a red, red state. And for a Democrat who's black, such a strong showing is immpressive. I thought Ford ran a very good campaign, but those late polls looked awful. Losing by 2-3% is really something to be proud of.
  9. Quote:Original post by LessBread CNN hasn't called either of those Senate seats yet. TN Republican Corker 853,905 51% Democratic Ford, Jr. 794,967 48% 90% precincts reporting - Updated: 12:11 a.m. ET MO Republican Talent(Incumbent) 642,204 50% Democratic McCaskill 589,664 46% 62% precincts reporting - Updated: 12:12 a.m. ET True, but if you look at the precincts reporting Missouri is gone. They just don't want to jump the gun. Same with Tennessee. He can't get 80%. And Tester looks like he is ahead now. The precint numbers I got looked like Democratic turnout was lower than it now appears. There must have been some heavy late voting. That isn't typical in Montana.
  10. Quote:Original post by SticksandStones EDIT: Web is ahead by 3,000 votes w/ 99% reporting. I guess we won't know until the absentee votes are counted. I don't know how those votes are going to go at all. Tennessee is over. So is Missouri. Republicans hold both of those seats. Montana is looking close again. It could go either way. So Republicans hold the Senate. Democrats are now projected to win between 28-36 seats in the House.
  11. Looks like my predictions are already going off course. Virginia looks like its sliding towards Allen, and Talent looks like a lock in Missouri. Burns is doing better than expected in Montana as well. Now its looking like 51-49. If the Dems are unlucky 52-48. I was thinking 51-49 or 50-50 about an hour ago. But I didn't anticipate such a strong surge for Burns. Oh,well I guess I don't get a cookie either. [Edited by - Ranger50000 on November 8, 2006 1:33:42 AM]
  12. I forgot to post predictions in congress, I'm betting 24 Seats in Congress.
  13. Well the results are just about to start streaming in so I thought it would be fun to try and predict the results. I'm basing my guesses on a combination of polls precinct turnout and general voter direction. RI D 53% R 47% OH D 55% R 44% PN D 55% R 45% MN D 51% R 48% MO D 50% R 50% TN R 53% D 47% NJ D 53% R 46% VR D 50% R 50% AZ R 53% D 47% MD D 52% R 48% Whoever gets closest on all the close races gets a cookie*! *Please note the aformentioned cookie does not exist and will not be rendered at the point of victory.
  14. This Site Is all about managed directx in games.
  15. The card this system is running wouldn't happen to have an NVidia chip would it? I found that GeForce 2 and 3 cards(at least) have a rare error that occurs. It has to do with scaling non-power of 2 video surfaces, in DD7. When I scale say 32x32 to any size it works fine, but if its 30x32 it will randomly cause a problem. Often times it runs for an hour with no problem but then it suddenly locks. It doesn't happen in system memory to my knowledge. Your test seems to confirm what I've been thinking. Another thing which seems to aggravates it is using DDBLT_WAIT. When I removed that I had about 1/5 of the hangs. The power of 2 thing took a while to figure out though. The more times you blit the surface to the screen the worse it seems to be. That was how I finally isolated the problem. When I had a bunch of 32x32 graphics in memory it wasn't causing problems but then when I accidentally had a 30x32 bitmap being stretched to fit a 32x32 RECT it suddenly started hanging.