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  1. Google Maps + WebGL (MapsGL) is really really cool
  2. error -50 error 3014 error 3200 #iOS5update
  3. #ssmap ep.92 is going live in 2' here! Join us!
  4. Damn,Mark Ruffalo will b playing the role of Bruce Banner(Hulk)instead of Edward Norton in Avengers.Cool trailer though
  5. Just played some HTML5 games inside the Facebook iPad app, this is huge.
  6. Photoshop Image Deblurring. Mind = blown!
  7. Facebook iPad app is pretty slick, kudos to the team behind it!
  8. var electricity = !rain; I must get a UPS asap -_-
  9. ???? ?? ????? "??????????" ??? "????????" ??? ????????: HTC HD7
  10. Gaming mode on. Rage on iMac & Battlefield 3 beta on Xbox 360 \m/
  11. OpenGL How to get Texture Memory Size

    Oh thanks a lot Yann L! My engine's approach to texturing is quite different from clipmaps or megatexture techniques, so I will rather relay on Opengl when it comes to texture managment. On the other hand, I would really want to have full control of this aspect (for texturing very large scale terrains) as I just load only the textures visible to the camera and delete all the others. As the whole project is academic (and maybe ready for a paper), I can't say more concerning those techniques. Thanks again everyone!
  12. OpenGL How to get Texture Memory Size

    @V-man I found only workaround for DirectX and not for OpenGL..Have you seen any relevant answers for Opengl programs? @swiftcoder You are right although I want to know if it's feasible! Is there any function to easily enumerate Texture memory?
  13. Hello everyone! Is there a way in OpenGl to get the size of Texture Memory in order to watch if it's 50% full and then free some texture objects? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  14. simple opengl question concernig variables

    0_0 I'm a total idiot. Thanks very much phil_s, i think i have to start hitting my head in the wall in order to work right! lol Thanks again :)