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  1. Google Maps + WebGL (MapsGL) is really really cool http://t.co/yLKtrSPM
  2. error -50 error 3014 error 3200 #iOS5update
  3. #ssmap ep.92 is going live in 2' here! http://t.co/J69Rb8fD Join us!
  4. Damn,Mark Ruffalo will b playing the role of Bruce Banner(Hulk)instead of Edward Norton in Avengers.Cool trailer though http://t.co/lo6mpsQX
  5. Just played some HTML5 games inside the Facebook iPad app, this is huge. http://t.co/wBfpJu3p
  6. Photoshop Image Deblurring. Mind = blown http://t.co/xVkwbd3t!
  7. Facebook iPad app is pretty slick, kudos to the team behind it!
  8. var electricity = !rain; I must get a UPS asap -_-
  9. ???? ?? ????? "??????????" ??? "????????" ??? http://klironomoi.gr ????????: HTC HD7
  10. Gaming mode on. Rage on iMac & Battlefield 3 beta on Xbox 360 \m/ http://t.co/alswuO88 http://t.co/KRNE6DzY
  11. Hello everyone! Is there a way in OpenGl to get the size of Texture Memory in order to watch if it's 50% full and then free some texture objects? Thanks in advance for your answers!
  12. OpenGL How to get Texture Memory Size

    Oh thanks a lot Yann L! My engine's approach to texturing is quite different from clipmaps or megatexture techniques, so I will rather relay on Opengl when it comes to texture managment. On the other hand, I would really want to have full control of this aspect (for texturing very large scale terrains) as I just load only the textures visible to the camera and delete all the others. As the whole project is academic (and maybe ready for a paper), I can't say more concerning those techniques. Thanks again everyone!
  13. OpenGL How to get Texture Memory Size

    @V-man I found only workaround for DirectX and not for OpenGL..Have you seen any relevant answers for Opengl programs? @swiftcoder You are right although I want to know if it's feasible! Is there any function to easily enumerate Texture memory?
  14. Hello everyone! I am trying to pass some variables into the glVertex3f function of opengl unsucceffuly :( Here is the code: <code> void DrawTriangle(void) { float top[3]={0.0,1.0,0.0}, left[3]={-1.0,-1.0,0.0}, right[3]={1.0,-1.0,0.0}; glBegin(GL_TRIANGLES); glVertex3f(top[1],top[2],top[3]); glVertex3f(left[1],left[2],left[3]); glVertex3f(right[1],right[2],right[3]); glEnd(); } </code> When i compile it, ms .net shows warnings like this : "warning C4700: local variable 'top' used without having been initialized" and the program terminates.. Am i doing something terribly wrong? Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. don't missunderstand me if the error is so obvious...i do feel dizzy right now :P
  15. simple opengl question concernig variables

    0_0 I'm a total idiot. Thanks very much phil_s, i think i have to start hitting my head in the wall in order to work right! lol Thanks again :)
  16. Hello everybody! Happy New Year! I have got a pretty silly question i must say, but i cannot find the exact solution somewhere.. How i can check a file existence in c++? if for example i have the object : fstream file; and i want my program to check if the file data.dat exists or not in order to extract data from it in the first case what do i have to type? Thanks in advance, Stelabouras
  17. Checking File Existence in C++

    Thank you everybody! With your help i have managed to solve the problem that i had! Thanks again!
  18. Checking File Existence in C++

    Thanks for your fast answers! But it seems that there are 2 kind of problems. Firstly, visage : filestr.open ("data.dat"); <- visual c++ returns "error C2660: 'open' : function does not take 1 parameters" And secondly, Trip99 : which library has the function _access ? Thank you for your patience, Stelabouras
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