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  1. envy3d

    Mouse only player input / crashes

    The game crashed for me right after I entered a ballerina's name.
  2. envy3d

    Turn and face the strange, ch ch changes

    *crosses fingers*
  3. envy3d

    New character skins!

    Everything looks great, but it looks like the majority of your characters have just finished a 2 hours session of horseback riding :/ Maybe you could tweak the models a bit.
  4. envy3d

    The lounge hurts my face

    Problem is that at first many ppl did like him and voted for him... twice. And more than half of the pop. liked the war at first, until their neighbors started dying and they realized how devastating war is. At least the last elections showed the world that we aren't complete morons and that we recognize the need for political parties to have balanced power.
  5. envy3d

    Still alive but not very productive

    I don't know about the X series, but I do know that EVE uses a skybox.
  6. envy3d


    I wish I was an MVP T_T I live 2 blocks away from the convention center :p
  7. envy3d

    Internet Radio Player

    Will the radio stay on once the game is over and the player is back in the lobby?
  8. envy3d

    Been a long time...

    Ya, SWAT is the greatest of any gametype ever created.
  9. envy3d


    Ravuya, your German is amazing!
  10. envy3d

    New version!

    OMG, that was absolutly amazing! nice Sapo!
  11. envy3d

    You want to jump? I'll make you jump!

    Nice! That is a pretty awesome frog!
  12. envy3d


    great looking game! Before I started reading the post, I saw the first picture and was like, "CrimsonLand?". :P The original was great and your version looks like it's gonna be even better! Good luck!
  13. envy3d


    I just played the game again and none of the problems I mentioned were there :/ ...haven't even rebooted since the first time I played either.
  14. envy3d


    Fun game, but on my computer it had a lot of issues. When the plane did its roll animation, it would flicker on and off. When changing the plane from going right to left, the plane would only fly upside down. Going to the right it was fine. The afterburner and bullets weren't spawning in the correct place even at the start of the game. And if I did the double tap left/right thing, those effects would spawn even farther away from the plane. As I'm guessing you already know, when I changed my secondary weapon with SHIFT, the graphic for it no longer appeared. Upon trying to exit while flying, it would send me to the main menu but it was a white screen except for the back button. My mouse worked for about 3 seconds and in that time I flicked it across the screen and the center buttons(campaign, missions, options,etc.) showed up but were unusable because of the the mouse and keyboard not responding. Great job so far guys! Hopefully it won't take to long for you to fix these graphics issues. AMD Sempron 2800+ 512MB ATI Radeon 9600SE
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