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  1. Hi again everyone, For the time being I've managed to find a workaround for my problem. It looks to me as though it was trying to compile using 1.5, but everything else was 1.4. Obviously theres something wrong with my environment, which I still need help sorting out. ;) But for now, in my ant script, I've added: executable="c:/j2sdk1.4.2_09/bin/javac" compiler="javac1.4" to my call to javac to get around the problem. But I'd still like to sort out my environment, so if anyone can help, please do! Thanks, Multi
  2. Hi Everyone, As the title suggests, I get that error when trying to run an ant task that I have written from the command line. The full error is: java.lang.unsupportedClassVersionError *classname* (unssupported major.minor version 49.0) From what I have been able to find, this means that some of the classes I'm using were compiled with different JDKs. I'm using : Ant 1.6.5 antenna 0.9.13 JRE 1.5.0-06 J2SDK 1.4.2_09 I guess one of these is causing the problem, and I'm also guessing that its the JRE 1.5 thats the problem, but I'm not sure. :S If anyone could explain where I'm going wring that would be great. Thanks, Multi
  3. Multiverse

    If and buts of Mobile Gaming ...

    Hi Nick, There are other playforms available, such as Windows Mobile, which as far as I know is mainly used on PDAs, and uses a slimmed down version of DirectX as a graphics API (I'm pretty sure there's a version of OGL too). There is also Symbian, which I beleive is available for any phones that use the Symbian OS (Nokia Series 60 for example). I've heard talkings of a mysterious platform from Japan called Doja (I know pretty much nothing about that one, even the name could be wrong. :S ) I'm not sure about the exact market share stats, but it would probably depends on where you are looking. Brew is a bigger in America, and J2ME is bigger in Europe. I've not (yet) done anything with Brew, but I'm sure through your investigations you've come to find that if you wan't to sell Brew games, your going to have to pay Qualcomm to do so. From what I've seen it's quite hard to come across stats for things like market share and sales figures for other games etc in the mobile sector. But places like Mobile Industry can be a good place to look for news etc. Hope some of that helps! Multi.
  4. Multiverse

    Motorla V Series, known issues?

    Quote:Original post by shmoove Quote:Original post by Multiverse From my experience with working with the V525, the getHeight() function can be a little off. Similar to some Nokia phones. My workaround for this was to setFullscreenMode(true), and wait until sizeChanged() is called, then i stop waiting. That's not really an issue. That's how setFullscreenMode() is supposed to work. shmoove Thats very true, but to a somebody who doesn't know (like I didn't when I came across it) it does seem like a bug. I just didn't have enough background knowledge to realise at the time. :( Multi
  5. Hi koalacui, First of all I highly recommend trying it on the actual device first. The emulator can be terribly innacurate sometimes. Are you using drawRGB() to draw your bomb? If so there is a bug related to that. The issue is that drawRGB() will not take account of any g.translate(x, y), and will always draw from (0,0). If its something else then I'm not sure what the problem is...
  6. Multiverse

    Motorla V Series, known issues?

    Yeah, there are a few. From my experience with working with the V525, the getHeight() function can be a little off. Similar to some Nokia phones. My workaround for this was to setFullscreenMode(true), and wait until sizeChanged() is called, then i stop waiting. The other issue I know of is more of a firmware issue, something to do with record stores becoming corrupted. I can't remember the exact firmware, or exactly what happens / causes it, but i know it exits :) Try looking at: http://www.j2mepolish.org/devices at the devices your interested in. There is a 'known issues' section for each device. Some of them only relate to J2ME Polish, so some might not affect you, but it can highlight a few known issues. Multi
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem that if you accept a call interrupt while my theme music is playing, you can hear the them music in the background during the call. The reason for this (i suspect) is because if I receive a hideNotify() event, I stop all sound, and then restart the sound in showNotify(). The problem is that on the 6630, when a call is accepted, the midlet is brought back into the foreground so I assume a showNotify() event occurs. Are there any other events that occur when a phone call is accepted/ended, that I can test for to decide when to restart my music/sound? Thanks for reading! Multi
  8. Hi again guys, I think the subject sums up my problem quite well, but heres some more detail. Basically I want a custom jad attribute to be included depending on whether I set a certain property in a .properties file. So for example... nokia6630.properties -------------------- Mode.Demo=true; -------------------- And then, in my antenna build file, I basically want to check for that and set an attribute if its set... <target name="distribute" depends="compile"> <mkdir dir="${build}/bin"/> <wtkjad jadfile="${build}/bin/${jarname}.jad" jarfile="${build}/bin/${jarname}.jar" update="false" manifest="${build}/bin/MANIFEST.MF" name="${project}" vendor="My Games" version="${major}.${minor}.${micro}"> <attribute name="MIDletX-No-Command" value="true"/> <attribute name="MIDlet-Data-Size" value="[1]"/> <attribute name="MIDlet-Info-URL" value="http://www.iplay.com" /> #if ${Mode.Demo} == true # <attribute name="MIDlet-Demo-Mode value="true"/> # this is what i want to do! <midlet name="${project}" icon="icon.png" class="com.myGames.myMidlet"/> </wtkjad> As you can see from the psuedo-script I've put in there, I don't think it should be that difficult, although from what I've seen, the 'IF' command in ant only works on whole targets. So would I have to make two different wtkJad targets? One to include the attribute, and one to omit it? I could easily put the attribute in all my jad files, but with a different value (true or false) but from the standards I have to follow it implies that if demo mode is not enabled, the attribute musn't be included in the jad file (i'll try and get a 100% answer for that) So, after all that rambling, does anyone have any hints for me on this issue? Thanks, Multi
  9. Multiverse

    Using an image for my font (J2ME)

    Thanks Werekarg! That's just what i was looking for, thanks for spending the time to explain it for me. @jap, yeah thats a good point, I'll probably just have to make a custom bitmap for each screen size, since I have to that for various images anyway. If anyone else has something to add please feel free! (at the moment I need as much help as I can get! :P ) Thanks again to everyone whose posted so far! Multi
  10. Multiverse

    Using an image for my font (J2ME)

    Thanks Werekarg, Thats going to come in very handy! :D Would you mind explaining about a couple of things you mentioned please? I don't quite understand what you mean by: "you will have the choice of having an image for each char multiplied by number of palettes (this works ok on most of the phones) or to have an image (for each palette) containing all the chars" could you explain what you mean by 'palette'? and also: "you will also need a byte array to map characters ascii code to the sprite cell index (static or loaded from resources)." Could you clarify this for me a little please? Sorry to be a nuisance, but i greatly appreciate your help. Multi
  11. Multiverse

    Using an image for my font (J2ME)

    Thanks guys @pkelly83, yeah, i knew it would be similar, I just don't want to write something, find it not working and then somebody tell me 'it doesn't work because nokia phones dont blah blah blah'. I'm sure everyone whos wrtten a J2ME game has experienced that. ;) @werekarg, I was planning to do the first of your suggestions, one thing that I'm not too sure about though is how to include non-ascii characters (for example, the copyright symbol). I could just define their codes but i'm not too sure about doing that since I need to support quite a few non-ascii characters and things could get quite messy. Any ideas on what to do about that?
  12. Hi guys, I'm making a mobile phone game using J2ME (as some of you may already know) and at the moment, we are using the phones in built fonts to display our text. I was about to start changing that so that we use a bitmap image for the characters, but I wanted to get some advice before implementing it and then finding it doesn't work properly on handset X or using firmware Y etc. So any information you can give me on the subject would be greatly appreciated. I've had a couple of searches on google but I havn't found any golden nuggets of information. I'm most interested in the various ways people have done it, and which way is the most portable, and also, any tools or software I would need (or would just make my life easier) Any links to good articles/tutorials on this would be very helpful Thanks, Multiverse
  13. Multiverse

    Strange startup screen on 7210

    Thanks Shmoove, I'll take a look into it. thanks again!
  14. Hi guys, I've got my game running on a Nokia 7210, but I have a strange screen that I've never seen before. The standard "Opening Application" screen with the animated loading bar appears for a few seconds, then I get a screen that is just a blank white screen with the words: Running in Background... With 'Quit' as the right soft key label. Has anyone ever encountered this before? What does it all mean? Thanks a lot!
  15. Multiverse

    Quick ArithmeticException question

    I havn't been able to pinpoint what area of code is causing it very accurately because it only occurs on the device, so i can only narrow it down to 'some code in one of three classes'. Although, I've just done a new build and it seems to have norrowed it down slightly, something to do with a scrollbar on a screen that has more than a screen's worth of text (i.e. a screen with scrollable text) I'm going to try and disable that and see what we can see. As for thinking its low memory, I've tried running it on an emulator with -heapsize 190000 and it still works fine. So i#m pretty sure it's not a memory issue. And finally, enabling -traceexceptions won't help much I'm afraid since the emulator doesn't throw the exception mentioned. So is 'devide by zero' the only thing that throws an ArithmeticException or are there other instances where it would be thrown?
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