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    Cg Parameters with Vertex Buffers?

    Thanks, I never took the time to read that thing, in fact I forgot it existed. I will be more dilegent next time before asking the forums for help. (If any one else is interested the function cgGLSetParameterPointer was what I was looking for) NOMADMAN!
  2. nomadman2003

    Cg Parameters with Vertex Buffers?

    Does OpenGL pass vertex information to each vertex shader processed during a call to DrawElements. Can I expect to have a POSITION input in my vertex shader without explicitly setting the position parameter each vertex? (If you didnt figure it out by now I'm terribly new to Cg and shders in general) NOMADMAN!
  3. I have a program that is working well by using DrawElements (a vertex buffer). I wanted to integrate Cg into the project. How can I pass position to my vertex shader and still use DrawElements? I could do this in immediate mode but I would like to keep my vertex buffer. NOMADMAN!
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