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  1. Interesting means of incapacitation!

    Quote:Original post by xor Pressure points. YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!! please pressure points. that would be so cool, and the stuff that person did in crouching tiger to freeze that other guy. i want that!
  2. Real Battle in RTS

    Grim hit all the problems of doing this that I see. My suggestion for doing this is focusing on a small number of chracters instead of the usual 200. The level of detail/depth you strive for and the number of characters allowable are inversely proportional. Because no user wants to check the "hand speed" of 200 characters before while preparing for battle. But say I only have 10 characters, then it may be permissible. It's not a game for everyone, because it inherently involves tactics(if the game is done right) that the average doom-player doesn't care about, but it is viable. In fact, to an extent, many games do this already. Mostly they are strategy-rpgs, final fantasy tactics comes to my mind. A small number of characters also might make programming easier and will ease system usage. Let's think of your fight between two swordsmen. One attacks first, weapon in his right hand. The strength of his attack is based on his age, fatigue, confidence, skill, dexterity, handed-ness(left or right), and a bunch of other stats. Then you need to calculate the other guys blocking ability based on a bunch of stats, or maybe he tries to counter, or dodges, etc. Now do all that again for 199 other pairs of combatants. Your computer is crying from all the work. Then after that round of attacks, rinse and repeat until there is a victor in the battle. That's a huge load on your computer(and the user to comprehend and manage). Actually I'm not sure if less people would make the programming much easier. But I'm sure that it will ease the load of the user and computer. And you want 3d models, which involves loads of graphics work and animations, tons of animations. All this be eased by using less characters. Sorry if i sound condescending, i don't mean to. I just ran with the tangent of "don't use lotsa of characters because..." Another worry is because of the depth involved in playing a game like this, the other parts of game can't get in the way of the tactics. Your interface and such must be tight.
  3. Can plot hurt a game?

    Quote:Original post by Grim As for cinematics, they are certainly not necessary even when you want to have a plot. All the time I have to watch cinematics, I'm not playing. And I'm not having fun...Cinematics suck big time. I concur. Cinematics do suck. When plot gets in the way of playing, then there's a problem. One thing I love about Halo and Halo 2, every movie can be skipped. And that's great because Halo is based on constant, well-implemented action. The story is decent, but truthfully I could care less about why the covanent are attacking, I just wanna kill them. In direct contrast are games like rpgs, where plot is pretty much necessary, in some form. I didn't mind the movies in FF7, because its a slow-paced game and the plot was one of its most important parts. So plot depends on the type of game your making, especially its pace. If it doesn't need a huge, engrossing, stop-playing-and-watch-this! plot, don't make one.
  4. Interesting means of incapacitation!

    Quote:Original post by The Zeion have you seen Thief saga, Half Life 2, or Hitman saga? in those games you can do averithig you have mentioned, push people off cliffs or poison their food, and many others, like clouds of poisonous gas etc. i was going to say this. but its still a great idea, just its much harder to plan for everything the user may do then just allowing him to do a couple things. and what sucks is you might work really hard on letting the user do everything possible and the game may still not be fun.
  5. Quote:Is it me, or does every computer guy have a following of these people? If something has to do with a computer, people will ask me about it, like I invented it or something. Them: "How do you think a positronic matrix like in star trek, works?" Me: "uhh.. hm.." Them: "Dude, I thought you were some kind of smart computer guy, whatever." I've had people ask me about the space-time continuum in physics class just because I'm smart and got A's in that high school physics class. As for fixing computers I don't mind, as long as there's a reason to help the person, and hotness of females is always a valid reason :) And I've never shown anyone my programs so far, because I know I'll get responses like you guys said until I incorporate purty graphics. But if I focus on graphics the game will be shallow on gameplay, so it'll be awhile until anyone sees my projects.
  6. room progression in text rpg

    I(with a team of others) am also building a text-rpg, and we hold all the rooms info in an array which models the environment that the user moves thru. Then when the user says "go west", the game changes its focus(which room the user sees) from the current roon to the one whose column number is one less. hope that makes sense :) [edit]O yeah that method still uses if statements, but only one for each direction of possible movement. Of course the number of if-statements increases with things like bound-checking...
  7. What is a .avi

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel BTW, I suggest you type in "G-Spot Codec Information Appliance" when googling, not just G-Spot. lol I heartily recommend that. And he's right about codecs, that was my biggest problem when i would convert avi's to mpeg's. They would be end up with the .mpeg version being just black and no sound. Then i downloaded some codecs and it worked. Good luck!
  8. Quote:Original post by LMRFUD I'm not difficault to get along with, ask anyone who actually talked to me. I have ideas, it doesn't mean do it my way or else. I'm very flexible, but I want to do DirectX with graphics and a 2d game. Please don't ask me to do a text RPG, that's nothing I want to do. He is pretty easy to talk to(I know). And if you're looking to make a text-rpg, come here. We're still very much in the beginning stages of creating one. Sorry about stealing people from your thread LMRFUD but it seems you dont want them anyway.[/joke]
  9. Make new friends and progress in games programming

    Quote:Original post by popcorn Well yeah I would like to be involved but I'm not sure what is going on here anymore. I have no idea who is involved in what and what the actual groups are. I don't really understand why people have suddenly created new forums to use and I thought that sticking to these forums would be beneficial to everyone - firstly so that we can get to know who everyone is and what they would like to do(although this seems to be decided as well), and secondly we would get more expertise and guidance from the wider gamedev community(I personally feel that closing the group up so quickly would be detrimental unless we have someone who has a lot of experience and has developed many projects themselves and will be able to lead everyone properly). There're two groups, those who want to make a 2D pong, and those who want to make a text-rpg. Some people are interested in both. Not many more experienced have helped so far. I think if we need specific help we can ask it on these boards, but keeping everything in just one thread gets confusing. On the other forums everything is broken up nicely, but each group can easily see what the other is doing. The groups are far from closed, anyone is welcome to join if they express interest. And the projects are very far from set in stone. So check it out.
  10. Make new friends and progress in games programming

    Quote:Original post by CodeTitan So right now we are working on two simultaneous projects, the Pong and the text-based RPG? Apparently some people are working on one, some are on another. But I think a few people are interested in both, such as mxma1.
  11. Make new friends and progress in games programming

    Quote:Original post by CodeTitan How many of you guys are actually using that website that Cor-bob made? I think we should start using that. I just joined today. I've asked for a text-rpg board on it, once its made we can use it to discuss where this project will go. As for my experience: C/C++: A year of class on the language, understand OOP pretty good, pointers OK. I've also taken a class on Java for the same amount of time, and I understand its OOP properties a little better than c++'s. game programming:Working on my own ascii(for now) zelda clone. Had a working 2D pong where a square bounced between 2 paddles that could move. API'sMy pong demo was coded in OpenGL, didn't use textures or colors or anything. So I understand the simplest aspects of OpenGL. I've used SDL to create windows before, but that's it. As for my text-rpg engine idea I see it being simply ASCII text in its first incarnation, maybe later making a version that supports graphics. The feature list would be agreed upon by whoever collaborates on it. The only features I see as essential is that it handles the dirty work and has a simple enough interface for another programmer to make a game based around pretty easily. And as for how we might collaborate, my thoughts are one person will create a skeleton for the engine based on what all the developers agree upon. Then we will agree upon who will work on what, and as people finish pieces the team will approve them then the leader will incorporate it into the skeleton.
  12. I love the idea of sticking to 2D games, and collaborating sounds fun, except I program in c++. I'm sorry I just like OOP. But I'm still interested in where this goes and maybe how I can help. AIM:knowledge3754
  13. Make new friends and progress in games programming

    As far as a text-rpg goes, I say we brainstorm together how we want its "engine" will work. ie: what commands it will accept, will we use hidden commands, color conventions, fighting, and things of that nature. Then once this is done we can either each make our own engine based on the design doc we make, or we could all work together on one engine. Then we could all make our own game around it, with our own unique content. I'm picturing the engine as either a library or its own class or set of classes, then the game content will be held in either another source file or in a text file, depending on how the engine is designed. How does that sound? Or does anyone have other ideas?
  14. Battling Agoraphobia

    Quote:Original post by TechnoGoth I for one found Morrowind extremeloy boring. I think it was mainly do to the fact that I never seemed to be achomplishing anything, as well that most of the game time seemed to be spent walking from place to place. On the other hand I was always a great fan of the fallout series. But what made the two so diffrent? I think the answer is being kept busy in fallout there was plenty to do in each area as well as random encouters enroute to other areas. There was also a definate sense of progress and results to the players actions. Where as in Morrowind I spent most of my time doing odd jobs for guilds none of which seemed to have much of an effect on anything, as well as that I could not progress in the story because I hadn't reached some arbitray level. I too was very bored with morrowind. At first the game was great fun, but once I had to trek so far to get places(often by myself) it really pissed me off. I wanted to advance the story, it wanted me to walk cross-country. And the walks were boring. It wasn't that I didn't know what to do, or that there was too many possible things to do, just that doing things was too tedious and boring a process. Not all open-ended games are like this though. Examples of open-ended games I've played that got it right are Maxis games(The Sims, SimCity, etc.), and the Civ/Alpha Centauri series. These games had some tedium, but their balance was much better than morrowind.
  15. New Trogdor game

    Quote:Original post by ElCrazon Thanks for the help, thisisbob's advice was what I was lloking for. Gah, what is that last item? ya i finished with only 149 pts and missing one item.