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  1. When using the dot product to get the cosine of two unit vectors, be sure to clamp the result to [-1,1], especially if using acos afterwards
  2. Ya han llegado mis Sennheiser 439 ^_^
  3. Ya tengo los billetes para Estocolmo ^_^
  4. This is geek on some many levels
  5. Menuda fideuà me acaba de salir...
  6. RT @YUVladimir: SmartDeblur 2.1 released - blurry and defocused images restoring tool. Kernel editor, large images support added. See http:…
  7. My raytracer is working now on Windows :D
  8. Camera depth of field running in real-time on an Android device :D
  9. Enjoying the new SimCity thanks to @LuisMorens
  10. WolframAlpha - zoidberg curve
  11. Major Samantha Carter creates a virus for Goa'uld controlled Stargates, uses C# #microsoft #msdn cc/@JuanKRuiz