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  1. hammackj

    Best FS to backup osx to..

    Hello, I am looking to setup a auto sync between my powerbook and my desktop PC(Windows Xp and Ubuntu). My desktop has 100GB unpartitioned on a 300GB drive, i want to use that space to sync it with my powerbook, but i am unsure which file system would be the best to store my osx files in. I pretty much want to mirror the contents of my power book on my desktop, so if my laptop fails I still have the files. Any suggestions? -Jacob
  2. hammackj

    Need To Get Started.....

    nehe.gamedev.net is the best for c / opengl info. If you have not checked it out you should
  3. some of the full screen code from the NEHE tuts does not work but if you down load the OpenGL Framework Application Showdown from the site, and just place the tut rendering code into it it works fine. Most of the OSX ports work great =)
  4. offtopic but, what profiler did you use?
  5. In "ernie" mode I would like to be able to control the camera, this is a 3rd person camera right? When i move my mouse to turn the character if i move it to fast the camera loops into ernie. since you use wsad movement, possibly set the camera free, for move manipulation unless you are going to have all the game art designed for the current perspective. The only thing that comes to mind atm with 3rd person cameras would be World of warcraft. But if your game design is specific to the current layout, it would work just a few tweeks would be needed. I really like the car part where the camera splits, but i would maybe suggest that you make the main view full screen and put the mini window in the corner or mouse moveable. I love the car and how it handles, it is really fun. You could make a bad ass racing game with what you have now maybe like mario cart. I see a lot of possiblities with what you have now, I think it is a really good job. Just different from my tastes, i mostly play FPS and WoW. -Hammackj
  6. I like the driving part of the game. I didn't really like the mouse camera view walking though, just did not feel right. Great job. -hammackj
  7. hammackj

    ThumbView, 1 year old!!

    congrats man!
  8. hammackj

    elements in an outdoor fps

    Wow, great looking engine! Is it open source? How do you do the grass?
  9. hammackj

    Java in colleges?

    UTSA starts with java then moves to C for the systems programming, operating systems and networking classes. All linux based.
  10. hammackj

    OpenGL on MacOS X

    Nehe has a Objective C, Xcode example. If you use glut you can do it in c or c++ really easy. I am fairly new to OSX programming and from what i can tell Carbon is dying...correct me if i am wrong. -Jacob
  11. hammackj

    OSX static libraries

    Thank you, got everything to work perfectly in Xcode. It even auto updates the header references =)
  12. hammackj

    OSX static libraries

    Hello, I tried googling this but came up with nothing useful, Could anyone point me in the direction to creating a static library in OSX/linux and using it? Thank you -hammackj
  13. I prefer OSX to Windows and Linux. I also prefer XCode to the other IDE's. Plus it is free. I also own VS2005 pro, it just does not do anything for me.
  14. hammackj

    Good linux dist?

    Id say another vote for Ubuntu. It is the best.
  15. hammackj

    ISO rendering code snippet

    What is the hx Library?
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