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  1. For a dev machine in 2019? Not really. 3.2GHz i5 is fine, but not excessive. 8Gb is definitely on the low side. That said, for a 320 line file, it should be fine.
  2. Questions: Is there actually a problem (i.e. are you getting performance problems?)? Are you sure this is causing the problem (have you profiled?)?
  3. ChaosEngine

    Has C# replaced C++?

    That may have been true of C# 1.0 (nearly two decades ago!) but it hasn't been true for a very long time.
  4. What you're asking for is essentially double dispatch, and there isn't a clean way to represent this in C#. Have a read of this
  5. This.... so much. At my last role, I inherited a rule that said "no static methods in c#". I scrapped that rule first day (static data is the devil, but static methods are fine).
  6. I have some good news for you (at least in C#). In C#, you'd use a value type for that. 100% agreed. I would also like to be able to define generic constructor arguments for new'ing an object, e.g. public T BuildTWithInt<T>(int val) where T :new(int) // this syntax doesn't exist at the moment. { return new T(val); } I would also like to see support for strong typedefs in C++. typedef int Health; typedef int Armour; Armour a; Health h; h = a;// ERROR! and a way to export typedefs in C# // player.cs namespace Game.Players { using PlayerThingy = System.Collections.Generic.SomeGenericMonstrosity<That<No<One>>>, <Wants<To<Type>>>; // use PlayerThingy } // other.cs using Game.Players; PlayerThingy pt; // no idea what this is
  7. ChaosEngine

    Logging class critique

    Why? Singleton is an anti-pattern. It doesn't even make sense for logging; why are you intentionally limiting yourself to one log? network, engine, input, sound... they could all be separate logs.
  8. Unless you're playing games professionally, anything above 3-4 hours is excessive. Sure you might have the odd day where you binge through a game, but if you're spending > 5 hours a day on average on games.... that's not good. That's not just a factor of games, either. If you're spending that kind of time on any sedentary activity (reading, tv, movies, etc), it's not good for you.
  9. ChaosEngine

    Language Programming (Game)

    Just FYI, C# is still one of the most popular languages for general development (one article, but a quick google will give similar results). These days, most people are expected to know multiple languages. At a minimum, I'd expect almost every dev to be comfortable with: web frontend (javascript/typescript/HTML) a main application language (C#, java, C++, etc) SQL some kind of scripting (powershell, sh, etc) Of course, you'll typically specialise in one area. Amen. In fact, pick any language (Python is another good choice) and learn some simple console programs until you're familiar with basic programming constructs (conditionals, loops, functions, classes, etc). Those skills can generally be transferred between languages.
  10. ChaosEngine

    Poll: How often do you buy the latest gaming PC?

    My last build was .... (checks receipts)... holy crap... 5 years ago!! I would say it was just below top of the line at the time (decent i7, r9 290). I run all my games at 1440p on near max settings and I haven't really found a compelling reason to upgrade. Might build a new machine next year for you though.
  11. ChaosEngine

    My Editor Trick

    ok, so you have a github repository https://github.com/josheir/awesome-project.git You're working on two features so you create a feature branch for each: feature_branch_1 and feature_branch_2 clone just copies the repository from github to your local machine, so I'm just opening two instances of the same project with different branches in different directories. Fine, just clone different branches into different directories. I've never used Team Explorer in my life, but it took me 5 secs to google how to choose a branch with it. It's not hard. Learn how to use your tools. Do you actually understand how git works? It's really important. Learn the command line for it. There's a really nice visual tutorial here on git branching. You don't need to be an expert.
  12. ChaosEngine

    Microsoft stl set implementation

    @Ed Welch you really need to post a small reproducible example of what you're talking about. This works fine for example. I'd be amazed if Microsoft's std::set implementation was broken.
  13. ChaosEngine

    My Editor Trick

    cd feature1 git clone -branch feature_branch_1 git://somerepo devenv project.sln cd ..\feature2 git clone -branch feature_branch_2 git://somerepo devenv project.sln Not sure why you would think that. Visual Studio is just an IDE... it knows nothing about branches. I've been running 2 Visual Studios to debug the same code on different branches for nearly two decades now.
  14. ChaosEngine

    GameDev.net will be 20 years old on June 15 😮

    Nope, I was actually a big Bitmap Brothers fan as a kid. Ironically, the game itself wasn't great, but I thought the name was cool
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