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  1. ChaosEngine

    Insomnia keeps me company

    This. You wouldn't ask a doctor about game development, don't ask this forum for medical advice.
  2. ChaosEngine

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    I thought Solo was .... fine. It was a perfectly serviceable, competent sci-fi adventure with likeable characters and some good set pieces. It didn't feel like Star Wars at all, and every time they tried to remind me it was Star Wars, it took me out of the movie and generally didn't work. The big spoiler reveal (are we talking about that?) was kinda fun, but would have made no sense to anyone who hadn't watched Clone Wars or Rebels. I thought the cast was good; Alden Ehrenreich didn't feel like Harrison Ford or Han Solo at all, but charming and likeable nonetheless. I kept thinking of him as a different character Donald Glover: highlight of the movie... give us a Lando movie! I wasn't keen on the sassy droid, which is a shame because I love Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Fleabag is a work of darkly comic genius. Overall, it felt safe. The Last Jedi had its flaws, mostly around pacing, but at least it tried to do something interesting. As for the Solo box office, well, this was a movie people didn't really want. No one outside of Disney thought a Solo movie would be a good idea. It's hardly surprising that people didn't go see it. The franchise in general? Well, apparently we're getting an Obi-wan movie, a Boba Fett movie and a tv show. In addition to episode 9, and another 2(?) trilogies. And that's too much Star Wars. Star Wars movies should feel rare and special and now they're like MCU movies. I think they should take a 5 year break once ep.9 is finished.
  3. ChaosEngine

    Why are enums broken

    Of course, and that’s exactly the reason the standards committee prefer libraries over language features. But if what you need is a bitset or a list or a vector, they’re there. Complaining that such features aren’t built into the language is pointless, which was what @Oberon_Command was responding to in the first place.
  4. ChaosEngine

    visual studio release settings

    Your problem is that you forgot to define the WeAreNotPsychic::TellUsTheDamnErrors method. 😛
  5. ChaosEngine

    Why are enums broken

    I'd go further. If it's part of the standard library, it is part of the language. A language is not just grammar, it's also the vocabulary.
  6. ChaosEngine

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Sorry, but that's just untrue. If you can objectively measure a thing, then you can rank it. If there was truly any kind of "objective criticism" there would be some objective method of determining the best movie/game/song/book, even within a specific genre. You can comment on the technical merits of a movie, but even then, the lighting/cinematography/sound design/editing are only "bad" based on a set of subjective criteria that appeal to you. Look at sport. Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world over 100m. He holds that record and there is no arguing with that. On the other hand, Shaun White is a great snowboarder. He's won 3 gold medals in the olympic halfpipe. But I don't think he's the best snowboarder in the world, because I'm more interested in people like Jeremy Jones or Xavier De La Rue who ride big mountains and do crazy insane trips. So what? If she's not interested in the genre or the aims of the movie, that's her prerogative. Again, in YOUR opinion, and again, that's a criterion that you think is important to those movies. If someone else likes Taken 2 or 3 better because they prefer the story or the music or the goddamn wardrobe.... they're not wrong. They might even prefer the pacing and choreography in 2 or 3 for their own reasons (maybe they thinks it's more readable or more immediate or whatever... dunno... I have very little interest in the Taken franchise).
  7. ChaosEngine

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Of course, I can. Millions of people do. Have you not heard of the Fast and Furious? They made like 20 of the damn things. People love that shit. I might (and do) disagree with their assessment, but I can't tell them not to enjoy it. There's a difference between analysis and critique. We can objectively say that Shakespeare uses this or that narrative or literal device, but you can't say that Hamlet is objectively better than Much Ado About Nothing. Unless you want to graph poetry??
  8. ChaosEngine

    Why are enums broken

    @alvaro I feel like if you're going to do that kind of code, Piece should really be a class where you can overload the ++ operator. Then you can do Piece.IsPawn etc. In theory, this shouldn't cost you anything in terms of performance, but I'll grant that a chess engine is not something where you have a lot of margin for extra space, etc.
  9. ChaosEngine

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    So @RivieraKid didn't like the new movies and @Gnollrunner thought the prequels were good. Now, in my opinion, you're both completely wrong. But that's fine. We are all entitled to our opinions. But they are not objective facts. I can come up with a boatload of reasons why the new movies are better than the prequels. For example, the new movies don't have Hayden Christiansen, they don't rely on shot/reverse shot conversations. Those are objectively true. But if you like Hayden Christiansen, then your subjective criteria for assessing the prequels are different to mine. Telling someone else that a piece of art is objectively better than some other piece of art is only valid if you agree on subjective criteria in the first place. No. The only limit on evolving an IP is "is it good?", and again that's a subjective assessment. Look at Spec Ops. It went from a boring series of so-so tactical shooters to completely subverting its own genre and history with Spec Ops: The Line. Or Westworld: the original movie is a pretty standard "technology goes mad" story. The TV series is far more interesting.
  10. ChaosEngine

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Here are some words I never thought I'd say: Well done EA. ugh, I feel slightly dirty.
  11. ChaosEngine

    Why are enums broken

    Would std bitset be a better choice?
  12. ChaosEngine

    Why are enums broken

    You could use BOOST_STRONG_TYPEDEF or something similar, but I really wish that strong or opaque typedefs were part of the language.
  13. ChaosEngine

    Include order not working (c++)

    I wouldn't do that unless you absolutely have to (deadlines, etc). This is a really good opportunity to pick this apart and learn how to restructure your code. It's a very useful skill to have because you will almost certainly encounter code like this again (and probably written by someone else).
  14. ChaosEngine

    VS2017 not compiling small changes

    Hmmm, that's odd. It's certainly not the case for my installation of VS2017. What version are you using (this should work on every version, but it's good to know this info)? Are the files you're changing in a project? Can you create a minimal reproducible example or is it just happening in one particular solution?
  15. ChaosEngine

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Money. Games like battlefield cost a metric shit tonne to make. And hey, it turns out that not just white dudes play games! And they like to play as themselves (i.e. non white, non Male) Did you really think that Electronic frickin Arts (of all companies) was doing this for MORAL reasons?
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