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    Parallax mapping

    I agree with what you're saying but just wondering if you have seen/implemented Parallax Occlusion with adaptive LOD from ATi. I can't find the paper at the moment (might have been on Humus) but the basic effect was based on calculating the mip map level and then reducing the sampling based on the distance and eventually switching over to normal mapping (blending between the mip map boundary) where parallax would be useless. It was implemented in the toyshop demo for X1800's if I remember correctly.
  2. nts

    What You See Is Which To Get?

    My suggestion would be to write it yourself. I had a project last year which needed a similar editor so naturally I started looking for third party controls. The ones I found then were way over priced and/or way over kill on the features and most would also only provide the binaries. I started doing some reasearch into how to implement it myself and it turned out to be suprisingly easy :) I think in a day I had a working version up and within a week it was pretty much feature complete. The end result looks like this. It didn't have spell checking thought but was fully CSS skinnable. All implemented as an ASP.NET user control and less than a thousand lines of javascript (most of it UI related). PM me if you want more info.
  3. nts

    I HAVE NO SUBJECT, just babble

    Quote:Original post by MARS_999 That's what I thought, but I did take it off last week and reseat it again with AS5 and still hits the same temps... The HS/fan is turning at 900RPMs. SO it's in quiet mode. I have the power savings set to HP all the time though... Yeah I would like to see 30-40C area but haven't since I bought it back in Jan... That quad 2.93 has my eye though. :) I will wait till it comes down in price a bit. Maybe next spring. BTW what MB did you get? I have a INtel Bad Axe2 MB and love it. BTW do you know if the new 2900XT will run in crossfire on all crossfire chipsets? So it was at 30-40 and now is 50 constant? That doesn't sound too good, usually they get cooler when the AS5 breaks in. I'm currently running the ASUS P5W DH Deluxe, the XBX2 is also an awesome motherboard (the best right now for 975X chipsets). 2900XT should have no problem running in crossfire on anything except NVIDIAs nforce chipsets. NVIDIA locked SLI down to only their chipsets (initially it did work on Intels too) and last time I checked you also couldn't run in Crossfire on them.
  4. nts

    I HAVE NO SUBJECT, just babble

    No it's the 2.67Ghz model (QX6700), got one of the first ones available ;) Isn't 50C a bit on the high side for the E6400? Sounds odd that it would also be constant... maybe try re-seating the heatsink or using some AS5 instead of the included ceramic. I forget what my E6700 ran at with the stock heatsink but it wasn't 50 for sure.
  5. nts

    I HAVE NO SUBJECT, just babble

    Quad cores, if you have a use for it then it's worth it. If not then you probably won't notice much difference over a dual core in general use. Mine currently idle's at 30, hits 40 something under load. This is with the Tuniq 120, inside an Antec P180 with a fan sucking in air at the front of the case (in the 5.25 tray), one blowing out at the back and another blowing out at the top (both very close to the cpu heatsink). All quiet fans so not much noise, the tuniq fan is on medium low too.
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