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  1. barakus

    John Carmack crashes two rockets

    Maybe now he can finally get back to working on Doom 4.
  2. These approaches work well until you run into untraceable, hard to replicate bugs that leave you pulling your hair out for hours trying to fix and end up having to redesign a huge piece of architecture to fix. Often enough you save a ton of time with a good design and understanding of what you're doing in my experience!
  3. barakus

    I need a good show to waste my time

    Might get stoned for this, but when i need to unwind my brain I love watching Man vs Wild. It's somewhat scripted which has left it susceptible to flak from certain circles, which perplexes me as it seems these people treat it as a serious survival guide and deny its entertainment qualities. Might be the Metal Gear Solid fan in me which this show appeals to so much. Watching Bear carve up a jungle really gives me a Big Boss Metal Gear Solid 3 kinda vibe!
  4. barakus

    Angry birds

    It's a really well designed, very accessible game. I guess it has the same appeal the Wii has - just about anyone can play it. Heck my friend's mother who can barely navigate her email has it on her phone and has a ball with it.
  5. barakus

    Post your favorite music video (link)!

    Quite possibly the first music video ever made!
  6. You can but you'll have to use separate libraries, as far as I know XInput doesn't support other pads. You could use the Managed Direct Input libraries, though I am sure someone's gotta have written a decent wrapper for pad support in .NET, so have a look on the net.
  7. barakus

    Metal Gear Solid 4

    I really don't understand why people get so aggressive on Metal Gear Solid, specifically in regard to its lengthy cutscenes. That's the style of game it is. It would be like criticizing Pro Evo for being a football game or Rockband for being a glorified virtual karaoke. What's worse is when people say Kojima should have been a film maker as opposed to a game developer. Putting the storyline of any of the games in the series without serious adaptation would result in a laughable mess. The plot in any MGS game can only work in the context of it being a video game. Videogames in general require a greater suspension of disbelief than film. There are too many technological limitations and gameplay factors to take into consideration that make it impossible to create a truly representative world on screen. This is why I think game developers can get away with more when it comes to the plot of a videogame. You know, I find it quite enjoyable how Kojima takes advantage of that and uses the strengths of the medium to tell a story. It also helps that his games tend to be among the most polished and well crafted works in the industry :P
  8. barakus

    England 2 - 0 USA

    Well Americans, at least you can take solace in having done better than the poms at Roland Garros (if only by a round). Not that many of you would care either. Tennis is a worldwide neglected sport :(
  9. I am glad to see I wasn't the only one who liked Burn Notice. I am happy to hear it's coming back.
  10. barakus

    Which guitar should I get

    Well, you could do like Hendrix and play a right handed guitar upside down!
  11. You can use a physics system like Box2D in a sidescroller. It can be a bit of a pain setting things up correctly, but its certainly doable.
  12. barakus

    Looking for a song....

    That song would fit well in a Megaman X game I reckon.
  13. barakus

    Awesome april fools pranks to do to your friends.

    ^^^ You could say that.
  14. My uncle always sends me video links of crazy guys talking about UFOs and conspiracy theories in general. He is also convinced that the world will end in 2012. I am convinced he is a nutjob.
  15. I would make some witty remark about it resembling a Metal Gear, but given how unpopular the series is around here I think I'll keep it to myself :P.
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