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  1. grekster

    PS2 just fell into my lap... what do?

    Quote:Original post by Talroth The guy gets a PS2, and you go on about PS3 homebrew? Huh? its the same dude.
  2. grekster

    [web] HTML 5 Simple GUI

    The variables in your process function (along with your other functions on your windows object) need to be referenced with "this." where appropriate e.g. this.x = mouseX - this.difX; (assuming mouseX is really supposed to be global) I think that should fix your problem :)
  3. grekster

    [web] HTML 5 Simple GUI

    EDIT: Ignore me, I confused mousePress and firstClick in my head while I was reading your code. <s>Its possibly because your mousePress variable is global, when you have 2 (or more) windows they will fight over setting it. Try making it local to the window.</s> [Edited by - grekster on December 20, 2010 8:04:20 AM]
  4. Yeah I turn 25 this month as well. I don't exactly hate my birthday but I don't really get excited by all the stuff that goes with it anymore.. well except getting drunk \o/
  5. I'm pretty sure the terms 'rows' and 'columns' come from 2d tables, hence there being no real term for the 3rd dimension in a 3d grid. You could try using something and see if it catches on! I suggest beams :)
  6. grekster

    typedef question

    if you mean that instead of writing void EvaluateTrajectory( trajectory_t *tr, int atTime, vec3_t *base, vec3_t *result ); you could write void EvaluateTrajectory(BG_EvaluateTrajectory_Prototype); Then the answer is no. The typedef you have written out there defines a function pointer "type" to a function that returns nothing (void) and takes those paramaters listed.
  7. grekster

    Placement student nightmares

    To be honest this says more to me about the quality of your companies placement program then of the student in question. ...and what Talroth said.
  8. grekster

    C++ Question

    Possibly dynamic_cast? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_cast Edit: too slow :(
  9. grekster

    Fastest storage/drawing method?

    Quote:Original post by ahlywog How about for textures? Is there a better/faster way of handling them? In comparison to what?
  10. grekster

    How do I get rid of junk in c-string?

    This is going to cause you problems: // Constructor #2 InventoryItem(char *desc) { // Allocate memory and store the description. createDescription(strlen(desc), desc); // Initialize cost and units. cost = 0.0; units = 0; } Given, for example, "Hammer" as a description. This code is going to pass in a size of 6 into createDescription, which is going to allocate a char array of size 6. However you need a char array of at least a size of 7 to store the string "Hammer" as there is one extra character needed for the null terminator. In your case this line inside of createDescription: description = new char [size]; should really become: description = new char [size+1]; Although a better way entirely would be to do the size calculation inside of createDescription, because at the moment there is too much onus on the code calling it to get things right.
  11. grekster

    nesting .cpp files

    Seems to be a dump of part of http://cs.fit.edu/~mmahoney/cse2050/how2cpp.html Starting at the Program Organization heading
  12. Quote:Original post by MatsVed I don't have access to the Unreal sourcecode. :( But I'm gonna do some MessageBox debugging to check the sanity of my variables etc Why would you need it? you can still debug your DLL (as I understand it you are writing a DLL that unreal loads )
  13. In terms of debugging you can attach to an already running process in Visual Studio. All you really need to do is: -Make the program wait somewhere to give you a chance to attach, something like static bool wait = true; while(wait) {} at the top of the crashing function should do it. -Perform the steps to recreate the crash, you should find that the program then hangs at the while loops instead of crashing. -In Visual Studio goto "Debug"->"Attach To Process" and choose your dll or UDK editor process (this can be a bit of trail and error :S ). You can then change the wait to false and step through the code :) This feature probably exists with other IDE's if you're not using Visual Studio.
  14. grekster

    Access violation! GRRRR

    I cant see anywhere where you initialise the 'src' rectangle you are passing into StretchRect. Are you sure its valid?
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