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  1. Tachikoma

    Fast Discrete Natural Neighbour Interpolation

    Great article. However, photobucket seems to be temperamental and the images fail to load. Hopefully this is temporary. I recommend using imgur for image hosting.
  2. Tachikoma


  3. http://hackaday.com/2010/10/30/tv-out-for-ti-calculators-using-the-link-port/ Congrats!
  4. Tachikoma

    Yayy, ranting about languages!

    Writing template classes is the bomb. ;) I have a love hate thing with C++, but the love part is somewhat greater, otherwise I would not be able to tolerate developing under it.
  5. Tachikoma

    Some games I've made

    Very pretty. Is the scroller playable?
  6. Your project totally rocks. I see to it that hackaday.com gets wind of this... :P
  7. Tachikoma

    A whole lot of eatin' goin' on

    That looks sweet, can't wait see the ghost and pacman crazyness in action.
  8. Tachikoma


    very nice
  9. Tachikoma


    I can see a kitty. :D
  10. Tachikoma


    I can see a kitty. :D
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